AGP Card for soyo k7v Dragon Plus

What card should I get? I am thinking about a Radeon X1300 or Jetway Radeon 9600XT. I know this is an old timer, but am on a tight budget for a while. Should I get one of these cards or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are the preceding card compatible with a:
Soyo K7V Dragon Plus
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
768 Megs of Ram
Altec Tru power 450 Watts
Please help this ancient pc. My GForce4 440 died. First the screen just locked up and could not Ctrl+alt+delete out of it. Then it would not post just 2 or 3 fast beeps and nothing. The fan in not woking on the card. That could do it. I am 90% sure it is dead, is that a likely possibility?

Thanks, gman69.
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  1. I am really needing advice to decide on a card. Can anyone please give some advice on this?
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