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I know you can only clock ram so fast and take it to it's limits, but is there such thing as "Locked" RAM that can't be overclocked or declocked? I know alot of it all depends on the quality of the memory modules and such but I have never run into a stick of ram yet or heard of one not atleast being able to reduce the speed of.

The Reason I ask this is because some tard told my girlfriend you can't have any type of 800mhz ddr2 ram into say a motherboard that only supports up too 667mhz. I of course say that is retarded and in my quest to show her the guy she works with is a tard I call on the pompus braniacs of Tomshardware forums. Flame me gentlemen.
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  1. No, the bus speed of the ram cannot be locked. You can put DDR2-800 into board which only natively supports 667, the 800 will simply slow down. The guy who told your gf otherwise is a complete retard. Please ask her to give him a smack upside the head like he so deserves.
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