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I am not an advance gamer nor understand much about graphic cards. I am building a new conroe system, but I cannot decide on which graphic card is better for me. My price range is up to $200

1. Ati x1600xt

2. Nvidia 7600GT

3. ??

I don't play a lot of games, but I would like to have that option as well. Mainly this would be for video editing, photoshop etc. Also, it must handle two of the viewsonic 20" widescreen monitors. Ohh, I would love to have a quite graphic card!

Recommandations are appreciated.

Thanks guys
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  1. X1800GTO....couple bucks more X1900GT. Then throw another $25 gets you a 7900GT or 256mb X1800XT...
  2. If u must, then get the 7600 GT. The X1600 is far far worse.

    But if u can, then get the 7900 GT, wich is a very good value.
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