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I am having problems with networking my home. It is rather long and one story with a basement. Also it is concrete block with even most of the interior walls, floors and stairs being concrete. Because of this it is very hard to get wireless to work. My cable enters the home in my office. There I have a wired computer and a wireless computer. I have a wireless laptop that is about 40 feet away, 2 walls and one story down. Sometimes I get a week signal but it drops so often it isn't worth mentioning. Because of all the concrete we can not run ethernet cable without drilling through walls, which my husband refuses to do. I tried to use the Netgear Wall-plugged range extenders. My signal was excellent but I spent hours with NetGear and they could not get my laptop to connect to the internet no matter what we did.
I don't know if there is much else I can do but I sure would love some suggestions. I'm hoping someone can figure out what I can do to get my internet in my basement family room.
THanks for your help.
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  1. If you are a do-it-yourselfer go to and search for wireless range extender or directional antenna. They have lots of projects that might help you. I think that they have some very easy ones that just use tinfoil.
  2. Thanks for the website. It is really neat.
    What I did was add a Belkin repeater. I added to the same floor as my router but two rooms away(only one wall) and above the family room in the basement. It boosted my signal to 70-80%. It was only 10-12% so huge boost. Except now I have something wrong in the settings as it show great signals but I can not get on the web. Keep getting this error box about DNS. I have tried and tried to fix the DNS but to no avail. It is time to reformat anyway, so I think I will do that and start over. I have alot of different networking drivers and such as well as changing settings trying to find something that worked.
    Thanks fo your help.
  3. All you need to do is flush your DNS cache & you should be ok.
    You can go to this site for more info. & tweaks :
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