Regular Windows XP Home on AMD Athlon 64 4600+ X2


Please excuse me for this beginner question.

I am planning to buy a new system with AMD Athlon 64 4600+ X2. As a developer I want to keep on using the good old Windows XP 32.

Does all usual 32 bit software run on 64 bit CPUs ? Are there any issues I should be carefull about ?


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  1. With 32-bit windows, the athlon 64s behave just like ordinary 32-bit cpus. I believe winxp home and pro both support dual cores, but may need to do windows update before the second core is utilised.
  2. This is a very common question about 64-bit processors.

    As you know, Windows XP is 32-bit, but your processor is both 32-bit and 64-bit. It will run 32/64-bit applications both with ease.

    64-bit means little today. You could upgrade to XP 64-bit, but then you need 64-bit programs and there is a lot of hassle. Not worth it. Just do everything the same as you would do with another processor.

    Also, forget anything about XP Home incompatability with dual-core. You will be fine. EDIT: You may need an update, as has been mentioned.

  3. I posted a similar question in this part of the forum.

    But it looks like my question was answered here, yay. I was more concerned with it not working, period. But I think a single core will be enough to do windows update (only just) :lol:
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