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Help! Analog VidCam & Home-built system w/ATi AIW

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July 18, 2001 9:22:06 PM

I would like to build an gaming/graphics/NL video editing system. I like the ATi AIW Radeon for entertainment value and figure with the right software, I could do video editing using my analog Sony. Should I try to make the one card work it all or should I try to install two cards - one for editing and one for entertainment? Any suggestions are welcome!

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July 21, 2001 3:06:32 PM

The AIW is fine, as long as you do simple stuff. If you want to do a professional job, get a digital cammera and firewire. Also, understand that digital Video will nee a lot of
A: Hard drive space. Make sure that you use at least a 30 GB HD, UDMA 100 with 7200 MPM Drive. If you can afford it, try and find a RAID Board or SCSI, they will decrease the use of your CPU and give you better results.

B: Have a powerful processior, no less than 800 MHZ, if you have a duallie, even better. Also, Pentuim 4s excel in this group. If you plan on doing a lot of Editing, see if in the future you can upgrade your computer to one.

C: Make sure you have good software. I use Adobe Premier, but there are others that are just as good. If you have Windows ME, you can use their Movie maker for symple stuff. I have not used this software, so i don't know how it works.

D: Memory: at least 512 MB, this may mean that you have to upgrade your Operating system to Windows 2000. Not a bad choice as it runs more stable and will use the memory more effecently.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

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July 25, 2001 3:28:13 AM

How simple should my stuff be? I want to do a professional job as opposed to a cruddy job but I can't afford the new system and a new digital vidcam.

My design for the system will be:

AMD 1.333 w/256K FSB
ASUS A7V133 mobo w/RAID
256MB Crucial SDRAM
Two 30GB IBM Deskstar 7200 RPM (RAID 0 Config)
ATI AiW 32MB Radeon
SB Platinum w/Live Drive
Pioneer DVD

If Pentuim 4s excel in Editing, do Athlon T-Birds suck?

As for "good software" I can't afford Adobe Premier but I'd like to hear which are the others that are just as good.

I'm wary of Windows ME even though I am interested in their Movie maker. I wish I knew how it works.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Pump up the volume!! :cool: