Hi techy expert
Im going to have a new puter and I have a Q.
Can I run two Nvidia cards on Crossfire?

thx for help
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    Can I run two Nvidia cards on Crossfire?

    No. Crossfire is for two ATI cards. SLI is nVidia's dual-GPU platform. Also, if you don't get two high-end cards (like the ATI Radeon X1900 or nVidia Geforce 7900), then SLI isn't worth it. One high-end card will outperform two mid-range cards in SLI/Crossfire. If you give your budget, and the other components of your system, we can recommend a grahpics card.

    BTW, welcome to the forums.
  2. sad :( I have two 7900gtx cards (were a present :D ) and was thinking to buy a intel 975 xbx mobo
  3. Quote:
    sad :( I have two 7900gtx cards (were a present :D ) and was thinking to buy a intel 975 xbx mobo

    Some gift. I'm so jealous. Anyhoo, soon (end of the month) there will be nForce 590 SLI boards for Core 2 Duo (which is what I'm guessing you want to get). I'm not sure of the exact makers/models, but I do know that they're coming.
  4. this is great news worth to wait
    thx m8
  5. Quote:

    Can I run two Nvidia cards on Crossfire?

    Yes, but it takes a hack right now.

    Supposedly full support is coming though, this article speaks of Quad SLi for everyone, and supposedly regular SLi will be opened up soon;
  6. Corrsfire is ATI only. SLi is Nvidia.

    Unless you have huge monitor or run at super high resolution, why are you getting Crossfire of SLi??? Oh, you have 2 free 7900GTX's? I'm sure someone here would take them off your hands if you really want crossfire! I'll bid $400 for the pair...

    Anyway, by the end of August some of the SLi Conroe boards should actually be available. Wait for them cause those two 7900GTX's will make the heart pound with an X6800 (or even with the lowly E6700)!

    I've been an AMD/Nvidia guy for years, but the new X6800 has my blood pumping and the XBX was the only board anyone actually had right now.

    I'm a BF2 addict and I have everything set as high as it will go and I have to wait for the others to spawn so I can shoot things! No lag - no drag. The X1900XTX is fast and I can't imagine any improvement a second would bring at the resolution (1280 x 1024) I play with on my 19" Sony trinitron (yeah, I still love CRT's). Sure beats my old AMD 3200+ Barton with a 6800GT.

    My rig:
    X6800 Conroe std clock
    Intel D975XBXLRK
    2 GB Corsair Pro PC6400 4-4-4-12
    ATI X1900XTX
    74GB 10k Raptor
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 SZ
    Ultra X-Finity 600W
  7. i dont want crossfire just thougth to buy an intel 975xbx mobo and its crossfire so wondering if I could run my two 7900gtx on it
    but after having spent some hours here I found some interesting news on mobo forum....I'll wait :D
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