Better thermal paste than Arctic Silver 5

I've always thought that Arctic Silver 5 was neigh ubeatable as a thermal compound, but this review right here definitly perked my interest.

3 degrees better than AS5??!?!?! I'm definitly interested. I went onto the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro webbie and even though they sell it in Europe, you can buy it from them and they'll ship it for around $15 or so worldwide. I'm going to definitly keep my eyes out for this compound.

What do ya'll think?
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  1. It seems to be a good product in cooling.

    Only cons I see not on the article:
    You need to take greater care on applying/installing the use of the product.
    You can't use it on aluminium coolers. (actually on the article, just not with the cons list)
    Liquid PRO is electrically conductive.

    Cons off the article:
    - Takes time and can be a pain to spread
    - Hard to clean up

    Read somewhere that at 1st that it was toxic, but later on was refered:

    NOTE: The Coollaboratory Liquid PRO was mistakenly reported as being toxic. We apologize for this error. The Liquid PRO is not a poison, is not a fire risk, nor is it an explosive. We do recommend taping the plastic top onto the syringe before disposing of it to prevent others from cutting themselves on the product.

    So there is some considerations to take if using this compound.
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