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Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to do a DIY PC with following spec but i don't know how to size the PSU.

MOBO+CPU ; ASUS P5LD2VM-SE I945G + Intel 945 3.4GHz
PCI-E GPU ; ASUS Nvidia 7900GT 256MB DDR3
RAM ; 2 x 1GB DDR2 667Mhz (Patriot)
HardDisk ; Samsung 200GB(8MB) SATA-2
OpticalDrive ; Benq 16x DVD +- RW
O'Clocking ; For the time being is "NO"

Please advice me on whether i can use the Default PSU comes with the Casing, which they say is "450W" (definately is lesser than this, if I'm not wrong is around 380W) or do I need to buy an extra PSU to suit this configuration???

If you are kind enough, please advice me on my spec whether it is good combimation or a lousy one :) I'm thinking of crimping the PCI-E to 7600GT DDR3 on graphics coz i'm a just a gamer who is an Intermediate Gamer (Playing some FPS games & Waiting for a NEW C&C Tiberium Game) with a budget around US$950 (on the Hardware without LCD).

Finally, Thanks!!!!! for your time reading my post & hope to recieve your swift reply soon.
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  1. Its bad.

    Stay away from pentiums. get AMD or Core 2 Duo.

    What case were u gonna get? Antec Sonata II? that has a very good PSU.
  2. Here in Singapore, I think I'll go for I-Cute Casing . Casing looks quite nice and PSU is also some what reliable.
  3. Never heard of that company, but if u think they are good, go for it.
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