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I recently purchased a Philips Pixel Plus 50" Plasma TV/Monitor ( link). It has HDMI inputs (but not DVI or VGA). Anyone know of a good video card that supports 1366x768 ? none of my cards seem to. Assume I would get a card with DVI and a converter to go to HDMI.. Not looking for the most high end card, just something that will work.. Thank you.
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  1. Here is the HDMI to DVI converter. Just 10 bucks
  2. ATI Catalyst driver offers 1360X768 resolution. Use any of the X1000 series to obtain the video optimization offered by Avivo. For game playing, X1600 series and above would be better. Also, new cards with HDMI/HDCP are coming out soon, like this one. You would need one of those to watch copy protected video (digital HDTV, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray).
  3. Also, don't forget that you can watch HD video through an analog connection, since the Image Constraint Token, which would downconvert analog HD signals to 960×540, is not being applied (for now) by most major studios. This will allow compatibility with older HDTV monitors that don't have an HDMI connection. Many video cards have an HD-out port which you can use to connect the video card to the component video inputs on your TV. Hopefully it also means you can use the DVI/HDMI adapter without issues with copy-protected content, although I'm not entirely positive about that.
  4. Thanks. Very helpful kukito
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