New Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C Hard Drive HELP please

So ive just built a new system with the following hard drive but instead of 250GB i get 127GB on it when i go to install windows. My motherboard M2N32-SLI Deluxe recognises the 250GB but windows XP does not? ive searched various forums and tried various things like windows xp service pack fixes, and partition managers but nothing has worked. Does anyone have any further advice?
If you need any more information then i will provide

thanks if you can help me solve this
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  1. To format the entire drive as one large C: drive when installing Windows XP, you need:

    - Your Windows XP installation CD must have SP1 or SP2 already on it. Windows XP RTM (Release To Manufacturing) will not format partitions larger than 127GiB (137GB) on IDE/SATA drives because Windows XP RTM does not support 48-bit LBA.

    - You must format the partition as NTFS, not FAT32.

    - Your BIOS must support 48-bit LBA and it must be turned on if it is switchable. (Modern motherboards already have this on by default).

    Another option if your Windows XP CD is Windows XP RTM is to format a 127GB partition during Windows XP installation, and then expand the partition afterwards using Partition Magic.

    If you don't have Partition Magic and all you have is a Windows XP RTM CD, then you can make a Windows XP SP2 CD by slipstreaming.

    See the thread Lost 137GB for instructions.
  2. hey thanks very much, i went the slipstreaming way and its now working great. full sized hard disk. thanks again, makes me a very happy chappy.
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