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Im changing my Acer to a new Athlon II X4 640, with an Asus M4A785-M mobo. Since i have Vista home basic 32 bit now, im changing to Windows 7 professional SP1 64bit (Full). I will have to do new the new install from scratch. Im just confused with some of the ads online, as I see Amazon has Windows 7 Professioina sp1 64bit Full OEM DVD for $129.99. But why you see other adds for the same thing for $299.00 ITs says its full version why such differences in prices out there. Secondly, with ever Windows 7 you buy then you still have to buy the Product key, besides the Softward Disc right ? Sorry im just new to this.
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  1. Win 7 OEM disks do not have microsoft support and the full version does. Is the OEM disk really a full version or is it an upgrade version? An upgrade version is usually cheeper. The product key will come with which ever version you buy ay no extra charge. You can also check and for prices. Both places are very good. I would also suggest that you upgrade your motherboard first before you install Win 7. That way you should be able to verify your key code with Microsoft with no problem.
  2. OEM versions can only be installed in one computer. Is the cleanest install with no added crapware. No Microsoft Support meaning that you have to do your own troubleshooting.

    The other most expensive versions have up to three computer installs and have a lot of crapware that is anoying.

    All versions are full versions, there is no difference between full or old version, exept a patch or two which you will update once installed. Its confusing, I know. Amazon has different prices and different names for the same version and I dont understand either. I bought Windows 7 OEM for $99 about three months ago. Windows 7 Professional OEM is 129.99

    So the answer is OEM versions = 1 full install of windows
    retail versions = 3 full installs of windows on 3 different computers + crapware
  3. There shouldn't be any crapware on the retail disk. Its different from the version you get when you buy a computer from bestbuy. The retail disk does NOT allow you to put it on three different computers. Your still only allowed one active install. The family pack does allow you to use it three times.
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