Using New PSU with old mobo

My problem is that I have one of those power supply with the 12V(?) 4 pin plug for the mobo. Will that power supply work on a mobo that does not need that 4 pin plug. I'm taking the power supply that is from my AMD64 3000+ with mobo Asus K8V and putting it into an old celeron 550 mobo ABIT BP6. But then my celeron does not turn on with that PSU.

I'm doing this is because I have a problem with my 3000+. My sis said she was using it and then all of a sudden the comp turned off. And then we couldnt start it up again when we try to push the on button. My delema(sp?) is that the light on the mobo is on, so that means that it is getting power from PSU, but then now that i plug it into my celeron, it seems that the PSU is the problem unless it's a compatibility problem.

What would happen if i just tried to power up my 3000+ with the PSU from my celeron? it doesn't have that 12v cable. I want to ask before something else blows up.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i'd guess its a bad PSU. a PSU is a PSU, compatibility shouldnt be an issue.
  2. ok, I'm probably going to get a new PSU tomorrow then.

    But I was wondering, is there a reason why the light on the mobo was still on? Does that mean that some of the rails were working and some of them were not?
  3. no, it usually means the mobo is bad and the PSU is working. But in your case it may be both because the Celeron Didnt power up..
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