Event ID Errors 8005,8009,2506

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Hi folks,

I hope I have this problem in the right place...

My DHCP server is acting up a bit. I am getting errors on my event viewer
and each day I have to reboot the server. I have set up my staff DHCP scope
but it is picking the addresses randomaly. I deleted all address leases but
when they started to get them again the were starting at 100 and then into
200 and back to 100's again. I am getting 3 main Event id errors now. They are

Event ID 8009: Source=Browser

"The browser was unable to promote itself to master browser. The computer
that currently believes it is the master browser is BUSWEB. "

Event ID 8005: Source=MRxSmb

"The browser has received a server announcement indicating that the computer
DNSMSQ is a master browser, but this computer is not a master browser. "

Event ID 2056: Source=Server

"The value named IRPStackSize in the server's Registry key
LanmanServer\Parameters was invalid. The value was ignored, and processing
continued. "

i cannot seem to find a solution on them.Has anyone come across this before

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.advanced_server (More info?)


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    Austin M. Horst
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