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Hi guys sorry for search laziness if this was asked already, but after i enable quicklaunch, is it possible to have all the quicklaunch related programs icons show directly in the toolbar without annoyingly having to click the ">>" sign first?

And same sort of problem with the small icons in the right lower corner, how to disable the "^" button and have the icons show right there and not in the menu behind "^" button....?? Just switched from xp and would like to bring those back the way they were.
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  1. If you unlock the Taskbar (right-click and if the "Lock the Taskbar" option has a checkmark beside it then click it to unlock) then "grab" handles will appear that you can use to stretch the Quick Launch area so that it's icons are always visible.

    You can't do this for the notification area at the right end of the Taskbar, but if you click the up-arrow and select "Customize" then you can set those icons you want to always see by choosing "Show Icon and Notifications" for them.
  2. Thanks sminlal for the tips! they did the trick. definite improvement in win7 that you can quite easily choose the notification area icons yourself.
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