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170t with a ati card

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 12, 2002 4:01:27 AM

Hi, after flames negative viewpoint on tft7020 i decided to get a 170t. i have not ordered yet, but i read somewere that this monitor does not work with old ati cards that have dvi output. is this true about the radeon 8500 also, if so please tell me before i get the monitor tomorrow.

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March 12, 2002 4:03:32 AM

the monitor is a samsung 170t i mean
March 12, 2002 2:28:26 PM

could u show where you read this? I doubt it'll be an issue w/ R8500 as it's new, but of course make sure it works before purchasing.

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March 12, 2002 3:52:54 PM

i dont know where i read this, but when i went to and searched for radeon 170t then i got a page where it said that a 32mb ati card id dnot work with thte samsung 170t monitor. i will call ati and samsung up today to confirm that it works with the monitor and ati card
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March 12, 2002 5:28:50 PM

Hmmm...I bet it was either an invdividual user problem or just a hoax altogether. But hey, I would make sure too. It's not everyday you buy a monitor, esp. one so pricey.

Jack Burton is a great man...
March 12, 2002 5:47:13 PM

you know what, the price will not be that extreme. i get the cheapest price on the internet, and do i price match with so it will be around 800 with tax and shipping. which is pretty good i think. but i will call up ATI and then samsung for answeres before i buy the monitor.
March 12, 2002 6:06:35 PM

samsung said that some ati card have problem with the monitor, but she did not want to state which once. hmm let me call ATI now, but it hard to find their 1-800 number... but i will search a little more
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March 12, 2002 6:12:02 PM

ATI doesn't have a 1-800 number that I know of. I doubt the person you were talking to at Samsung knew what they were talking about if she couldn't cite specific examples. I work at a tech place too where we answer calls, and you wouldn't believe how many people we have here that will just make up BS to get rid of a caller.

Jack Burton is a great man...
March 12, 2002 6:54:41 PM

hehe, i think your correct Budd, anyway, she said that the 170t model had some good warrenty, only 3 pixels and a replacement or one in the middle. i called up ati and he looked around and said that ati did not have any problem with samsung. so i will buy the monitor and if ti does not work, send it back for a 15% restock fee, or maybe i should by a nvidia card instead:( 
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March 12, 2002 7:18:19 PM

Well, either video card is a very good card. I can only vouch that some of Samsung's LCD's that I have seen look great, though I don't think I have seen the one you are getting. I looked at the 181T awhile back and can say I liked what I saw. I didn't think it was good as the VG191 from Viewsonic, but maybe the 191T will change that. It all depends when I begin building my computer when I will purchase my LCD...

Jack Burton is a great man...
March 12, 2002 10:30:03 PM

ok, thanx for you info, i called them up to order the monitor and i will be getting it witinin 1 week, got a pretty good price, 840 after tax.:)