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Hey everyone;
I just today decided to take advantage of some nice prices for the MSI K9N SLI Platinum mobo and picked up a dual core AMD 64 X2 4200+ to replace my K8N Neo 4 Platinum that had a problem with the SLI. In all this, i retardedly forgot that i need to get DDR2 RAM with it as well. I plan on getting 2 gig of RAM, but i have been reading up on it and there seems to be some issues with the memory timing and clock speeds.
If i get DDR2 800 RAM and have to change the timings and frequency, doesn't that impact the performance as well? As in, why would i bother with DDR2 800 ram?
It was mentioned in a previous forum post i skimmed through that RAM manufacturers should start setting the timings on their RAM chips to make it play nice with the motherboards.
My question is, is there a specific brand of RAM i should be looking for so i don't have the issues that seem to have come up? I really would not be too keen on simply trying RAM sticks until i can get the computer to POST and change the timing and frequency on some RAM that i would be paying a premium for...
Thanks for the help!
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  1. I have hte same question becuaSE I am jsut awating my non sli k9n platnum board, I have hears that the corsair xms is compatible with alot of mother boards and it is listed on the msi website as overclockign ram that is supported...

    but if anyone has any input that would be GREAT!
  2. Well... i have lived to tell the tale... it was more annoying than anything though. I did end up getting the DDR2 800 RAM, 2gig in dual channel mode. I ended up formatting my harddrive cause it was having trouble recognizing the RAID setup. Basically it would blue screen and reboot right after loading the RAID from the BIOS. But after that it would crash at random times in the windows installation.
    All i did was swtich to a single channel setup and windows installed fine. After the install i had massive issues after changing to the dual channel again and then i throtled down the frequency of the RAM to 400MHz and changed the TRAS setting to 15 in the memory timing configurations in the BIOS (I didn't know this was something you could now configure in BIOS) and it booted fine after that, although running 800MHz RAM at 400MHz isn't what i would call ideal.
    To fix this, all i did was flash the bios to the newest 1.20 that MSI had out and now everything works fine. Had some problems getting the SLI to work but thats nothing that really concerns this thread at all.
    Perhaps i was just lucky...
  3. Well... SLI issues are rearing their ugly head again. I'm not sure if this is motherboard related at all but if anyone has some suggestions i'm all ears at this point...
    My setup consists of a 32" widescreen LCD TV as my primary monitor. When i run my graphics cards in SLI mode, it just either locks up, or has massive display issues when i boot and then just constantly reboots.
    If i remove one of the cards, its fine. Even with both cards in, as long as i don't run them in SLI mode is seems to be okay...
    I have run this monitor setup on my system before the upgrades. so i don't imagine it would be LCD TV. The only thing that i could think it would be is the Nvida drivers since this is a brand new release.
    This is a fresh install of windows and i really haven't installed any software on it yet...
    There's no errors i get, the system just stops responding completely or just sits at a black screen with some green and red lines on it...
  4. I have heard about alot of issues with SLI recently thats why I will jstu be going with a 7950 down the road most likey.

    I have heard alot of the issues are dirver related and that the cards jsut aren't comunicationg well with eachother. I would guess drives but I ma no expert... could it be a problem with the systme not having a pwerful enough powersuply and that is causeing the reboots??

    Jsut an idea
  5. I have an OCZ 520W PowerStream SLI Ready Power Supply. So i don't think its power issues... At least it better not be... :s
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