Windows XP doesn't see Raid

I'm sure this might be a simple fix, but I can't seem to jump this hurdle. Setting up a simple Capacity Raid on a MSI K8v2. This board has the Via integraded chip. Everythings fine to this point. Raid bios sees the raid and lists the hard drives. Yet, when I try and install windows I get error message:
Windows doesn't see hard drive.

Could someone share some advice?

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  1. XP contains many drivers to cover the vast amount of scsi and raid controller, but not all. Extract the driver directory or download the raid driver windows needs in order the see the array to a floppy. Press F6 when setup starts to load, provide the driver, and off you go. If you have already done this, then ignore the post and provide more details to your configuration.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was using the wrong driver. I had to download the current driver from web. Works perfectly now!
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