Best settings?

Playing around a bit, with memory timings ratios and such. I get similar experriences but Im really not sure what is best. Below you can find my specs according to my siggy.

As I've posted before, I cannot get past 237fsb on my pc (3.55ghz) Whats also funny is anything past 230fsb I get errors using memtest and other programs.

My memory is OCZ Gold DDR2 2x1gig 6400. In CPU-Z it reads the ram correctly and states for 400mhz I need timings of 5-5-5-15. So I set it to that, my memory according to CPU-Z and bootup and etc is like 380-398 depending on what I set my nb/strap to.

I've put 1026/533 for a 1:1 ratio, set as speed all kinds of things but Im actually not sure what Is best for my PC. Im using 1.3475v for my cpu and 2.1v for my memory (2.2 causes my PC to beep hardcore) Im thinking of RMAing my OCZ memory and then getting a refund then getting different memory.

Any suggestions for settings for most stable with overclock?
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  1. have you tried updating the bios.
    there was a fix for some memory problems
  2. hi dude
    first of all let me tell you that CPUZ is showing you your ram speed correctly 400Mhz because you are using DDR2.You see ddr stands for double data rate so your core frequency is doubled ,if you really want any ram speed for example in your case it's PC6400,so divide 6400 by 8 and you will get your working frequency and the half of it gives the core frequency , so you see CPUZ works fine .Now for your overclocking part see DDR2 rams have higher CAS the 5-5-5-15 figure because the frequecny is increased you wolud be getting better CAS in DDR probably 2-3- something ,but in DDR@ the bandwidth is higher and the pentiums and conroe makes good use of it unlike AMD .You can problbly use extreme performance rams if you want smaller CAS .
    :) Reply what did you do to your system and point me if i am wrong
  3. I have some understanding to what this and that means =).

    The problems I'm having are improper fsb settings. Bios version 12 updates a lot of the memory issues this board had. However the OCZ ram are still having problems. But putting that aside, I was curious what you guys think I should set timing wise and ratio wise.

    Pretend I keep everything stock. The problem with this is, the ratios arent correct and the timing for my memory is wrong. Adjusting for this memory is hit or miss and I have moderate experience with playing around with memory timings. I've overclocked a handful of times, but the bios itself isnt giving me what I want. So I am trying to circumvent that by going here and taking some suggestions.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. Set everything to stock values.
    Run memtest and two instances Prime 95 for at least 6 hours.
    If you have hardware issues you’ll find them with these two utilities..
    Abit is not a bad board but I never used them for extreme oc’s.
    Maybe someone here has more info on that model.
    When it come to ram timings wusy is sharp on that.
    Stress your system at stock speeds and then reply
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