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PC random shutdowns, not overheating

Last response: in Components
August 5, 2006 8:47:52 PM

Hi there, sorry for my first post being one of a cry for help, but i am really desperate,
my PC keeps turning itself off.

it happens at random, nothing to do with cpu, ram or psu load.

a freind thought it might have been the switch sticking at the front.

so i got rid of the microswitch that controlls the power, and have two wires sticking out the front to make sure they are not touchin (i touch them together to turn on)

the weird thing is, i can shake my pc, bang it, and knock it, with no effect, but i can tap the front with my little finger and off it goes.

i turn it back on, and it goes off after 5 seconds, could be 10 hours, could be 10 seconds... totally random.

i think its a physical problem, but theres no sign of any loose wires anywhere, and it confuses me that sitting here typing with the pc on a bed of foam to dampen vibration getting to it, it can just go off.

Please help me with any constructive suggestions

its been fine for the past 2 month aswell, just started happening.

its an Atrix Extreme Power Model 500T, 650W with a 120mm fan

Please help, i hate not knowing.... its just so weird.

this is not overheating because i have been running games like call of duty 2, HL2, BF2, CSS, FEAR all at high res on full settings for ages.

please help me :( 
August 6, 2006 1:25:25 AM

I seem to have the exact same problem. usually if it has been off for a long time over night ctc it works for a long time... usualy. once i was in my bios setup and it shut off on me. I will give you mey specs as I remember them.

amd 64 4000
ati radeon x1800xt 512
2 gig 333mhz ddr 4x512
550 psu forget what kind
soundblaster x-fi extrememusic
a8r mvp motherboard

ok I am thinking at what temp does a cpu overheat? I can set a shut off temp. obiosly when im inn my bios my shit isnt overheating though. but it as hot ass fuck im my house 83F man it is hot. I havent actully checked my cpu temp while im running my cpu, but i have seen it in bios. I am thingking maybe I need to set voltages for my stuff. ya know DDR PCIe voltage and stuff maybe it is too low? I havent tried that yet because I dont want to ruin my stuff especialy my baby, my radeon. I dont beleive this happened to me in the begginging i think it started after a few months. i did get cheap ram but it was good too and not realy that cheap. I forget what it was but the caslatency was 2. well pease help us lol.
August 6, 2006 6:10:14 AM

wow..thats is know might be the case or something lose? i have no idea has nothing to do with voltage..i your computer both show up on the monitor? if you just reset the bios and check your cases, tighten anyhting on them except the screws that fasten the motherboard to the case and check for vibration..and dont hit the computer...thats a bad idea...i mean this one time i was working on my sisters compter and i banged shut off i hit it so hard lol
August 6, 2006 4:29:05 PM

Hmm....check all ur wiring again. I think something shorts when you touch the front, casuing the PC to turn off.

As far as banging the PC. I have old P4's (skt 478) bang then when i get pissed. No issues to date. Thank goodness for seagate HDD's I got seagate HDD's from the 90's still work!