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This is my first time posting here, so forgive me if I make any noob mistakes. I want a new computer solely for the purpose of running World of Warcraft at max or near max settings. Of course I would be running things like Firefox, Winamp, and Ventrilo as well and would like to make sure that they don't hurt the performance of WoW. I really don't plan on playing any other games soon as I'm hopelessly addicted to WoW and it seems there will be plenty of new content.

Anyway a little background. I really don't have any faith in my ability to buy all the parts and put it together (which doesn't seem too hard), but have the computer work (I don't know a lot about computers, but like to think I'm not clueless). My current computer plays WoW like a glorified slideshow and I just can't put up with it anymore. Since my current comp will barely sell for anything on ebay, I'm just going to keep it and use the monitor, speakers, optical drives in the new comp. I have the windows xp cd from my current computer (4 year old compaq) and my friend told me that would work just fine in new one.

Here it is (built off the amd desktop > mega special pc > (socket am2)Back-To-School Super Value at http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/):
CASE: X-BLADE Mid-Tower 450W W/ WINDOW & LCD Temperature Display + FANCONTROL (BLACK COLOR)
CPU: (Socket AM2) AMD Athlon™64 X2 3800+ Dual-Core CPU w/HyperTransport Technology
MOTHERBOARD: (Socket AM2)MSI K9N Neo-F nForce 550 Chipset DDR2/800 SATA-II RAID 16x PCI-Express MBoard w/GbLAN, USB2.0, &7.1Audio
MEMORY: (Req.DDR2 MainBoard)2GB (2x1GB) PC6400 DDR2/800 Dual Channel Memory (Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Memory w/ Heat Spreader)
VIDEO CARD: NEW !!! NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GT 256MB PCI Express x16 Video Card
LCD Monitor: NONE
HARD DRIVE: SPECIAL!!! 160GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 8M Cache 7200RPM Hard Drive
Hard Drive 2: NONE
Optical Drive: NONE
Optical Drive 2: NONE

Total: $706 + 65 shipping = 771
considerably less than all the other builds on cyberpower even single core amd, socket 939, and core duo.

Are there any bottle necks here or things I should spend a few extra dollars on to upgrade? Anything in here thats overkill? Thanks for any help.

1)friends that play WoW told me to go for 2gig of ram - is that overkill?
is the xms xtreme ram worth an extra $40 compared to Corsair Value Select or Major Brand?
2)300GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16M Cache 7200RPM Hard Drive[+51]
worth an extra $51 for the bigger cache?
SATA150 - Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM 8MB Cache WD740GD
worth an extra $57?
3)case with standard power supply OK?
would i need extra fans?
5)did i skimp too much on the mobo or is it good?
(Socket AM2)GigaByte GA-M55SLI-S4 nForce4 SLI Chipset DDR2/800 SATA 16xPCI-Express MBoard w/GbLAN,IEEE1394,USB2.0,&7.1Audio[+12]
$12 more, but I dont know how long this comp will last and if i would want to be using dual vid cards by then
5)onboard sound ok? i heard it can take away from what the processor would use for a game? should i spend $12 for the former or $30 for the latter?
Creative Labs SB Audigy SE[+30]

P.S. Oh ya, I'm looking to spend $700-1000 (the lower the better) at the very most, but it seems that certain upgrades would be overkill to me since I just want to play WoW (ex: waiting for Conroe, waiting for DX10 vid cards, getting a 7900 vid card or comparable, etc ....).
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  1. Well welcome to the Forumz!

    Hmm... I would change a couple things... Go for the bigger HDD since you're getting almost twice the capacity and twice the cache without twice the price. Your mobo looks fine but if you want to run SLI on it you might want to get the upgraded mobo. 2 Gigs of RAM should be plenty for WoW at max settings. Looks like a good CPU and since you already have the optical drives you're set with that. The onboard sound does take a very minute amount of clock cycles from the CPU so if you don't want that just go for a sound card. If you plan on upgrading your PC you might want to get a more potent PSU. Now I'm not talking about one of those really nice Turbo-Cool 850+ watt PSUs (I have a 1000 watt quad-sli one on order though...) I'm talking maybe 600 watts at MOST unless you want to completely go overboard with this comp in the future. The XMS ram is pretty good but if you're on a tight budget you can go with Corsair ValueRAM. Just make sure you have low CAS latency.

    Well there's my input, if I missed any let me know and good luck with that rig!
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