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hello! just want to know what you guys think on ASRock motherboard?

is it good enough for gaming (not overclocked) with the budget motherboard from ASRock? is it hot? is the performance good? is there any review on asrock motherboard? if there is, could you tell me where to find?

i'm planning to upgrade my current p4 2.40a to a new processor which is a64 x2 3800+ or c2d e6300 but not wanting to change the x1600pro agp and 2gb corsair ddr400 i currently have. my budget is only less than or equal to US $300.

i found out that both asrock & asus have the mobo which can run agp and ddr400. asrock's price is lower than asus, but i need your wisdom since i didn't have much experience with asrock mobo.

any reply would be much appreciated. kthx :>
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  1. Asrock is a low budget board with fewer bios options. If you don't overclock, then it should work fine.
  2. The ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 is the only 939 board that offers both AGP and PCIe and unlike attemps from other board makers this one actually offers full 8X AGP performance. If you're looking to upgrade your system, but don't want to get rid of that AGP Graphics card just yet, or your money situations just won't allow it then this is the board for you. It gives you the flexability to get that PCIe card later. The card evens supports Socket AM2 through an add-on card. If you plan on making the jump to PCIe right away then look elsewhere.
  3. Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it.

    The only main thing left in my head is:
    Is ASRock motherboard HOTTER than other motherboard's temperature?
  4. not really. its a fucking sterling board. mine runs stably at a 250+ fsb.

    and u can volt mod it really easily.
  5. i only have 2 experience with asrock mobo which both of them are ASRock P4i65GV motherboards using p4 2.0ghz northwood and celeron d 320.

    both system showed up hot temperature. i noticed the cpu temperature would be around 38-50C, which 42-48C on average. compared to my p4 2.4ghz prescott using asus mobo, it only be around 35-45C, which 38C on average. the temperature results were produced under the same environment (the usage of software applications and room temperature).

    by looking to the results i made 2 raw conclusion which are asrock mobo is hotter than asus mobo, or via chipset is cooler than intel chipset.

    correct me if i'm wrong.

    oh yeah, can asrock motherboard be a subtopic of general motherboard?
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