FETs for P5N32 sli deluxe / 2 of 8 phases blown due to heats

blown due to heatsink not mounted flush.

The board bends quite a lot when one puts a processor cooler (d805) on it.
So the center 2 of 4 FETs are not touching the heatsink (the one with the heatpipe coming from the south bridge chip.)
In fact they weren't even touching the sink before mounting the processor cooler, because when i removed the FETs heatsink there was no thermal paste on the 2 center fets and the paste on the bottom of the heatsink was untouched.

Now, this could explain why lots of people are having power issues with these boards. In my eyes this is a design error.

Does anybody know with which type of fet i can replace the 2 blown ones?
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  1. just RMA the board.
    Let Asus fix it or replace it.
    no use voiding your warranty.
    Heat was never an issue with my P5N32-SLI Deluxe boards.
    Bios ....Nvidia....lost pcix slot 1 .
    the latest bios and revisions on this board are much better.
    just don't invert the mobo (Lian Case) or the heat pipes will not work.
    this board works very nice with liquid cooling and low abients from a well ventilated case.
  2. I havent heard of this problem..... the heat from the SB really isnt enough to travel all the way down the pipe to the little rad near the CPU. If there is heat there its very minimal (in my experience)

    Yes its a pain if you want this MB in a lian li... you end up water cooling both the SB and NB!!!! Or adding ram heat sinks to the top of the SB etc etc.

    Yep RMA the MB..... (asus should be used to this by now)
  3. If it's under warranty simply RMA the board.
    Anyway you should be able to read the top marking on the MOS. I know the mod marking used for AMD boards, but they are different, so check if you can read the top marking and post here.
  4. There are 2 types of fet present on this P5N32-SLI deluxe rev 1.02
    8x 85T03GH
    8x 70T03GH
    One pair per coil or phase.
  5. Yes one N-channel and one P-channel... unfortunately they are not standard components on the market and seems to have no direct equivalent (they must be very low capacitance for maximum efficiency).

    Try RMA the board, I see no other ways
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