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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, and have been trying to install the proper driver to use the scanner feature of my HP1100A(printer/scanner/copier). I had previously been using the HP1100 (MS) driver and the printer worked fine

I installed the '1100 series psc' driver from the pre-installed printer list, but now the printer no longer prints. Also an IEEE-1284 contoller is now showing in my devices and printers window.

When I try to print the 'Go' button lights and stays on while the next light blinks which indicates 'buffered data'. When I press the 'Go' button as instructed the page only prints a page with a line of lines and symbols at the bottom. Now, when trying to use the HP 1100 (MS) driver, the same lights appear
and I get the same output at the page bottom.

I suspect that the IEEE-1284 controller is the problem because when I previously printed using the HP1100 (MS) driver without the IEEE-1284 contoller the printer worked correctly.

Please help! I love my HP1100A and need it to print again.
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  1. Emerald,
    Thanks for your help. I've already done the install suggested by the HP site. I have the printer installed, the computer is communicating with the printer, but the thing doesn't print anything other than gibberish.
  2. Can someone tell me how to turn off the IEEE-1284 controller so I can go back to printing using the "HP 1100 (MS)" driver?
  3. have you tried deleting the printer and start over?
  4. Yes, but I can't get rid of the controller device.
  5. If I am not mistaken the 1284 is for the Scanner function
  6. Emerald,

    Yes, the 1284 is for the bi-directional communication between the scanner component and the computer. I was able to disable it through the device manager, but I'm still having the same problem. Perhaps this old dog needs to be put down?
  7. Since the printer will not function with either driver, with or w/o the 1284, I'm beginning to think my printer just crapped out.
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