Pentium D930 OC 4ghz (temperature questions)

I have a little problem
I have an ASUS p5wd2e prem and the 930 chip clocked at 4.06ghz at 266 fsb
with ddr 800 ocz ram
I was wondering what temp ppl are getting?

I am using the kingwin as3000 water cooling kit.

My temp idle is 60ish on the asus ai booster and on the kingwin led it says 42 and when if full load asus ai booster says 70ish and kingwin led says 50 =S anyone got any ideas and if the asus program is right is 70 an okay temp to run it at ?
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  1. hey i have that same system
    could you give me tips on getting it up to that clock speed? here is my thread. Once i get it clocked up i'll tell you what temperature i get.
  2. ok i got my new heatsink. scythe mine and i put in a 120mm 2500RPM fan. at 3.6 GHz i am getting 38 C idle and about 48 under load. these temps are from Asus AI Booster. The mobo temp is reading 38 C so i doubt i can get any lower than that without lowering the temp of the room.
  3. Try a third party software like "motherboard monitor" and see what that says. It's a free download, google it.
  4. Is your BIOS flashed to the most recent? I have, more than once, seen a BIOS flash put temperatures more in line.

    Also, where is your reservoir and what is the ambient temp? I am pretty sure your house isn't 100F but you never know! :)
  5. I assume this was more directed at me.

    My house is not 100 F but somewhere around 85. The 38 C, 100 F is actually inside my case. When my computer ROOM warms and cools you can see how it effects the temperature read by AI Booster so that is how i come to the presumption that lowering the temperature in the room will help lower the CPU temp. I have my BIOS updated to 0501 which i am pretty sure is the latest.
  6. I should have thought of this last night. If you can get your finger in there and touch the water block as close to the cpu as possiable you can get an idea of the temp. At 60c you will burn you finger (no blisters or anything you just won't hold it there for more than a second) and at 42c it will be very warm but you should be able to leave it there for several seconds. Not very scientific but it can give you a good idea. You just need to get as close to the cpu as possiable. My load temps are in the mid 60's and if I touch the top of the block it is not very warm but the water in the tubes is.
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