Forumz Users' Age Curious :)

I'm just curious, but what are the ages of the people who post here?

college tech whizzes???...................VPs of Technology???

If you want, you can tell what you have accomplished, too :) - builds, etc.

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  1. I'm 15 and I'm about to build MY third build with a conroe e6600, though I couldn't tell you how many rigs I've built for friends and family...I I probaly could tell you...10-ish? How old are you

    Edit: I'm from dallas
  2. 55 years old here. Got my start with computers in the Air Force in 1970. Had a 42 pound hard disc that held a whole 4 mg of information and spun up to 400 rpm max. It was the best thing your tax dollars could buy at the time. Thank God for progress.
  3. Check my profile...:)
  4. I am 17, and have gone through 2 builds. I help out many of my friends when they have questions regarding hardware and upcoming technologies. Also, when I am at my local computer store (Fry's Electronics) I help out anyone who has questions, even though I dont work there.
  5. It'll be cool if you also could put where you're from - so we know where all the tech whizzes come from :)
  6. Quote:
    55 years old here. Got my start with computers in the Air Force in 1970. Had a 42 pound hard disc that held a whole 4 mg of information and spun up to 400 rpm max. It was the best thing your tax dollars could buy at the time. Thank God for progress.

    fu.cking awesome.

    done 5 this year. *erk* mabey 15-17 in total.

    im 21. i say i hate doing it but i fucking love it really. just set my grandmother up with one. shes 90 and emailing more than me. its scary.

    im from sunny england.
  7. I'm fifteen, I'm from North Carolina, I have gone throught two builds this year. I spend my time burning legal *cough* copies of computer programs to help fund my upgrades.

    I also help my friends get around their parents keyloggers/webfiltering, and I tell people how to get to the school's *restricted* websites

    simple answers to every teen's problem--
  8. on the way to Sticky? :)
  9. sorry to 2x post, but does anyone know of any jobs a socialy-accepted computer nerd can get at the age of 15/16??

    Very few people would trust their computer to the guy who sleeps durring class, nearly fails biology, then brings his grade up to a B by getting the highest exam score in the school....... :D
  10. 17 and from New York!

    No, I'm not from the city - New York state is not just the city.

    I've done too many builds to count. All I care about is two things:
    1) Building computers is just fun
    2) I make enough money building computers to get better parts for mine.

    Best of both worlds in my book.
  11. 17(18 in 4 months) in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I'm in the planning stages of my 3rd built rig. :)
  12. Any asians????

    GO asian power !!! :)
  13. 14 from boston MA and just built my first rig
    and now planning my second around conroe vista and dx10 :lol:
  14. im 33. and asian. from cebu, the philippines
    a graphics artist and my rig is my signature

    build alot of rig already and modified a lot more .

    ..well kinda diffirent in building a rig in here.

    it depend on one's budget and usage really.and that could be AMD or INTEL.
  15. me = 18

    Going to College soon

  16. 31

    I run a small side business building custom computers (about 15-20 a year all through referral) while I'm finishing up my master's degree in urban planning.

    I used to volunteer as a system builder/tester at a non-profit here in Portland OR called Freegeek (they recycle old computer parts into "new" computers and dispose of the unusable bits in an environmentally sound way for more info)

    I don't really know how many computers I've built, but what started out as way to save me some bucks and get the best possible performance out of my hardware, has now evolved into minor obsession. :D
  17. I'm 28, and am putting together the list for my second build, though I've had several computers previously (Celeron 366, Celeron 433, 2xCompaq Armada (Celeron 466's), another compaq laptop (athlon based), and then my current Thinkpad T23).

    My current 3 year old system (and first build) is an Athlon XP 1800+ with a horrible ECS mobo. I came to the realization that the mobo had to go when I discovered that it only supported AGP 4x, when my friend's Radeon 9800 Pro wouldn't run stable. I'm currently running a Radeon 9200, Creative SB Live 5.1, 512MB RAM, and 3 Maxtor HDDs (1x160GB, 1x200GB and 1x300GB), though the two largest are SATA in external enclosures.

    I currently have on order Ultra's Microfly (for my second build), so I'm contemplating looking for a temporary MicroATX Socket A mobo to transfer my existing system over to it. My future build will either be an am2 or a c2d, but the money is not available to put together my ideal build (between $1-1.5k).
  18. 16 and Philadelphia

    Doing my first build when my E6600 chip arrives from!
  19. 20 years old

    450Mhz PIII
    64MB RAM
    TNT2 video card

    That computer has been upgraded a few dozen times and currently has:

    Athlon 64 2800 (S754) EDIT: putting in a 3400 today (hopefully)
    Geforce 6600GT
    1 GB RAM
    3 hard drives (smallest is 4 times the capacity of the original)
    DVD burner (originally a CD-ROM)
    new case

    Just bult a brand new computer:

    A64 3500 (AM2)
    2 GB RAM
    Geforce 7900GT

    I also have an Associates Degree in Information Technology and am a Network Administrator (for lack of a better title)
    I have no other significant successes (nor do I particularly want any)


    Location: Washougal, Washington
    Software: Other than DVD compression stuff and Server 2K\2K3 not much.
  20. 26 in 2 months more...Only built svrl rig overall,incl mine... AMD64 3000+, Radeon 9550 128MB,1024 MB of cheapo RAM......looking forward to building new rig....erm...may be much more later...after got better job, find a girl n settle down...
  21. 15...i bought my first computer when i was 11 (still using most of it) lol upgrading soon (i already am using a new case and psu)

    from new jersey.

    i really only do computer "nerd" stuff after midnight... most of my friends watch tv between 12-2 am ..... i somehow would rather learn about computers. im no expert but i have this fear of buyers remorse so i tend to spend tons of hours researching everything before i buy, hence i become eductated when i need something new. usually if i say or recommend something it has hours of research behind it

    i live in a rich town and hence noone needs discounted legal software :( i wish i could make money that way though. job of choice in my town for highschoolers is drug dealer- what is worse- arrested for sellin drugs or pirating softwarE?lol

    i do play some games and i occasionally hang out with a friend of mine and his brothers friends who reallly are the computer "nerds" and go to their lan partys- its fun to escape the world of halo 2 and madden once and a while and play css and stuff

    edit: i meant to say that drug dealer is the only effective job, and im not in the business
  22. Anyone know software too? :)

    STICKIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
  23. 31
    Portland, Oregon USA

    Self Employed
    Real Estate Rehabber
    Only 3 builds
  24. Ok, I see this is becoming a "profile" thread, so, here I go:

    I'm 21 (legally allowed to do anything :wink: ) and I have like 5 or 6 builds on my record... 3 of them were my personal builds.

    Where I'm from? *hint* See my location *hint*

    My current PC? *hint* See my sig *hint* (next update: MSI NX7600GT-VT2D256E-HD :D )

    About software.. ummm... a little of Photoshop, CorelDRAW, 3dsmax, AutoCAD, and other CAD apps. All due to what I'm studying, Industrial Design.

    I'm a terrible geek when it comes to hardware. I know some people here in the forums that completely wipes the floor with me and my "little" knowledge, but, hey, I'm still learning! :oops:

    My first PC? Intel 80286 (I think). I was 6 years old, so I can't remember exactly. And yes, I have 15 years of "experience", or something like that. Let's call it "15 years of sitting in front of a monitor". :D

    My current job? Computer shop. It's nice to build everything from scratch. It's like porn for the geeks. :P

    Be seeing ya! 8)
  25. I'm 25, been doing this for about ten years. On my 5 or 6th build for myself, and 50 + for others (between family and friends, and working in various support roles). I have done a little of just about everything in the industry. I used to do systems architecture, support, and consulting (working with clients to upgrade their systems and networks including Servers, PCs, laptops, switches, routers, VPN etc). I've also done some custom coding and database design, web design, etc. I own my own consulting business but I am too busy to do anything with it lately.

    I currently work as a Technical Consultant for a large company deploying several enterprise level Unix/Oracle software packages (A lot of Unix and Oracle work, some design work, and some coding).

    I am pretty good at both the hardware and software side, though my "thing" is re-designing networks and computer systems from the ground up for businesses.

    Currently in NJ, though I spend a lot of time in South America and elsewhere for work. I do a decent amount of gaming, and I tend to avoid illegal software, since there is an open-source alternative to almost everything anyways.

    Current Rig:
    Opteron 165
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe
    AIW x1900 video card
    36GB Raptor OS Drive
    2 x 120GB Data Drives
    DVD-R drive

    I got a few others too, but they are backups or experiments. :roll:
  26. Quote:
    sorry to 2x post, but does anyone know of any jobs a socialy-accepted computer nerd can get at the age of 15/16??

    Very few people would trust their computer to the guy who sleeps durring class, nearly fails biology, then brings his grade up to a B by getting the highest exam score in the school....... :D

    Two pieces of advice:
    Talk to your local computer shop or some small companies. They are usually willing to bring in a young kid for a few hours a week to help outI was that kid who slept through class and still got A's all the time, my advice is to really apply yourself in Senior year/College. You get out of it what you put into it, and I would probably have done a little more if I had it to do over. There are some really good oppurtunities out there if you look hard enough
  27. 22....Just.

    From country NSW, Australia. I am employed as a PC tech/networking. I get to build systems for a living.......(Takes a sigh, realizes how lucky one self is). In my spare time I play with linux, surf, PC games, and I am trying my hand at 3d animation with 3DS MAX.
  28. Quote:
    Portland, Oregon USA

    Self Employed
    Real Estate Rehabber
    Only 3 builds

    JC, by rehabber, do you mean flipping?
  29. 32 - San Diego , CA

    I have built more computers than I could ever remember. Probably over 100+. I average 3 personal builds a year now(I consider a build usually CPU and mainboard), but I go through graphics cards pretty quick too. I gets kindy murky if you get my drift. Currently waiting on my Conroe E6600 to play with next week. I am still enjoying my current comptuer in my sig which I'll kick down to my GF. She is currently playing on my old 4400+ on a 7800GTX, but still a great computer. Looks like I got some parts to recycle....

    I love working with computers and help a lot of friends and referals. I used to do 20+ builds a year but now it's less and GF required time is more.

    Amazing enough I work in the medical field, but I've been dabbling on the thought of changing to the computer industry. I just was scared when I was younger of working 8-10 hours day on the job doing computers and burning out and losing interest in gaming, ect... Now I think it's better to do something I love all the time and I doubt at this stage of my life I'd burn-out.
  30. I'll be 48 on Wednesday. Living in Sydney, Australia. Built a dozen or so computers over the years. It seems ppl here are mostly teens-20s or old farts like me. :oops:
  31. 15 from
    Melbourne, Australia

    I have built 2 comp's 4 myself and 3-4 for friends/family
  32. I'm Indonesian. 26 old. Living in BElgium now.

    Have had working in computer shop for 5 years (98-03). It's been a pleasure to built sooo many rigs since Pentium 233 (my first PC though) with a Voodoo display card, have been upgrading million times and now just upgrade and will stuck for at least 2-3 years with P4D 930 @ 3.52 and 7800GS.

    Still have lots of ambitions to try those new procs or GPUs, but have not lots of Damn those procs evolution...
  33. Quote:
    I'm just curious

    I spent the normal twelve years in public school and emerged with no formal education ... a product of automatic social promotion. My secondary school experience was limited to carrying a cracked, faded rubber in my wallet and binding unsuspecting female classmates to trees with electrician’s tape. I graduated with no honors and no skills. Requiring neither, wtf I chose to marry a doctor. Been married to her for twenty years. My daughter is a sophmore in college and my 14 year old son, Fatality Jr., starts high school this fall.

    As far as age, I am old enough to know better and if you want to be technical about it, 51. I did have a first grade teacher with an Abacus she used in the classroom.

    I have built many computers and enjoy reading and learning about cutting edge technology. I'm a great listener and learner much more so than a teacher. Just go with what inspires you.

    someone ef'd up your restroom.
  34. I'm eighteen and from New Jersey as well. Built Two whole computers so far one that is mine and another for my Dad. I am currently working on a Conroe machine. Besides computers I'm really into reptiles. I breed leopard geckos :D
  35. I'm 19 . Built my first comp when i was 15, built around 12 comps since then (2 of them my own), got a $3000 build project schuduled just aster vista's release. Moved in with my asian girlfriend (whom i met online playing world of warcraft) 10 days after High-School Graduation.

    Self Employed
  36. I'm 54, live in Oregon, I've been around computers since 1970. First programs were in a language called Fortran, and written on punchcards which we carried around in shoes boxes and held way less than a nearly obsolete 1.44mb "floppy". Real floppy disks were about 8 inches square and were litterally floppy. The first computer I actually had my hands on was a digital Equipment PDP8. Starting it was a matter of manually doing a combination of "loads and deposites" with toggles switches in octal.
    I spent the last third of my working life at Intel(retired now) and have built about 7 computers around Intel processors. The department I worked in started giving them to us free a few years ago(1 a year).
  37. Im 24 and live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Been playin with computers since I was 8. Probaly build around 100+ machines when I was working as a Computer Tech, Build around 10 machines for myself which started as a P3-500 with a TNT2 card. Now sitting with whats in my Sig :-)

    Got plans to go Core2Duo E6600 as soon as I can lay my hands on a Nforce 590 Motherboard. All this started out as a hobby for me, grew into a job and now back to a hobby as I serve as a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant. Do web design as a side line and some 3d modeling as a newsih hobby (My Deviant Profile

    My education consisted of the 12 years of grade school which I finished sort of in the middle. Didnt go to collage and did self study for Computer Tech and then got roped into doin this Microsoft Dynamics stuff. Which is some of the hardest stuff I have ever done.
  38. 44years from Leeton, Australia.
    Iv'e been using computers since 1977 (programming at High school)
    Bought my first Computer in 79 (See Signature)
    Built first Computer in 1993/4 and have been building them since.
    Have been Computer tech since 1999.
    Great hobby, great job. :D :D

    My father by the way is 71 and builds and maintains he own as well as he's friends. :D
  39. 32/m/johannesburg, south africa.

    damn, sounds like IRC.

    technical lead, web development for our company.

    1st computer was a spectravideo.

    1st PC build was a 286 and I Super-Sized it when I plugged in a math co-processor.

    Build too many PCs in my life and have decided to only do it whenever absolutely necessary.

    And now for the scary part. As from last year .....

    ..... I CLOSE my PC case!!!!
  40. 36 / Netherlands

    My hobby started out in electronics.
    After getting a degree i started spending more and more time playing around with computers. In the end of this period i started building systems for a living.

    Went back to school again and got a degree in database technology while working at a media company as a database administrator.
    Specialized in Oracle on UNIX, Win2k clusters, Citrix and in DB2 on AS/400.

    Now I own a freshly started company in which we develop E-commerce projects.

    I never stopped playing games, and probably never wil, but my computer use does tend to get more and more serious these days.

    Exept for this relaxing moment, when reading some forums, zipping me morning coffee trying to figure out what work we will finish today.
  41. I'm 20, living in beautifully cold Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. About 3 hours north of Grand Forks, North Dakota. I'm at a corner stone in my life, but hopefully wherever it takes me it involves computers. I enjoy the hardware aspect of PCs, especially chosing the hardware for the perfect build. I'm not into how exactly a motherboard, or any hardware, works exactly, and I'm not interested to know either. I know enough to keep myself fascinated with the world of PCs. Even though I get angry with the uncertainty of most hardware. I have done a few builds for myself, and a few more for friends. For now it's more of a lifestyle than anything, but hopefully it will be something more one day.
  42. WELL... IM 13 WOOOO



    no, i fucken do not have glasses
  43. I am 18 and from Adelaide, Australia.

    I am currently studying for an I.T teaching degree (all of that knowledge will finally pay off) at the University of South Australia. I also work at my local PC vendor for keeping a roof over my head as well as privately repairing and supporting people's computers in nearby suburbs. I have built several PC's since I was 14. There are over 20 to count but my favourites were:

    *My first build. A 386 I got from my old high school (w/ 4MB RAM and a spacious 30MB HDD + Windows 3.11)

    *My first "good" computer, eg a PentiumII~350 (OC'd to 400) with 128MB RAM and a Trident Blade 3D. That played Half Life & Quake at 800x600 without problems. I eventually added a 3DFX voodoo2

    *I then started from scratch and built a PentiumIII~833 (OC to 1000) and a NVIDIA TNT2 M64, later to a GF3Ti

    *An AMD Duron 1300 w/768MB RAM & 9600XT (Still used by a friend) and it played half life 2, FarCry & even F.E.A.R (without all the options) well enough to keep. Before I gave it away I overclocked it and it is now steady at 1800 with a new cooler

    *My brand-spanking new system (X2 4400, 2GB RAM, X1800XT, etc) and this one system costs more than my car and my rent for 3 months.

    Sorry for rambling, but it is fun to remember how technology is so rapidly evolving and I am glad that everybody here has their own little story to tell!
  44. I am from Romania (Europe) and I have 31 years.
  45. I'm 16 and live in Chicago, going to an technical high school.
    Going to major as a 3D Graphic Artist.
    Um.. got intersted into computers around when i was 7 when DOOM 95 came out. lol
    Since then built like 4 computers none of which i own. =[
    I always had a love for techy things and i love staying up to date.
    although i can't understand why apple must change their tech every month
    P.S. One thing that pisses me off, when i go to bestbuy or compusa etc, i hate how their employees mislead their buyers with flase information like this one time this guy try to tell me a 1300 was better than a 6600gt! >=O

    sry i got bad typing lol (some computer guy i am)
  46. You young'ns need to respect your elders. J/K :twisted:

    Seriously, I think a lot of us tell what we have done to show the younger people on this thread (there seem to be a lot) some of the various possibilities for making a living by "playing with computers". If you don't want to hear it, feel free to skip that post.
  47. Quote:
    I'm just curious, but what are the ages of the people who post here?

    I've been told that I act like I'm 16.
  48. Hi there,

    I'm 31 (already, my lord!), from east of France.

    Discovered computers at age 6 with a nice Commodore Vic20 (the nice age of Fortran cartridges) then Commodore 64 ("press PLAY on tape" to load the game, 1Mhz processor, wow!) and finally over IBM PC-Model 5150. We even might have had an Atari 400, but shhh, that's too old to be true.
    Since then, I have built/rebuilt/upgraded around 50+ computers for me, friends, neighbours and family. Paid just enough to upgrade my own rig once in a while (I really started with the IBM PC-AT then 286, 386, 486 and the Pentium/AMD series).

    I work for a dutch company which designs computer software and solutions to study behaviour (animal and human). Check A really nice job for somebody who likes to combine computer stuff, travel and social contacts.

    As like others here around, I am quite cautious when building new rigs and I like spending some time on reviews, tests and hardware sites for the best bang for my bucks and the least problematic (read incompatibility, overheating, bad fit, BSOD, etc) gear.

    Jeeee, that's some good ol' stories!
  49. 15...

    No life story because my life is too short for a story. A word of advice "They say your life flashes by you when you die: Make sure it is worth watching."

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