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upgrade- just want more raw power

Last response: in CPUs
August 7, 2006 6:28:24 AM

My current rig is in my sig. I've come to the point where single-core is not sufficient. So, it wouldn't be a bad decision to just get a x2 3800+ s939 then?

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August 7, 2006 6:32:35 AM

X2 3800+ would do fine, just oc it and you'll get desired results
August 7, 2006 2:01:38 PM

The X2 4200+ is only a few bucks more than the X2 3800+. Get that and you won't have to overclock as much, if at all.
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August 7, 2006 4:53:17 PM

The X2 4200+ is only a few bucks more than the X2 3800+. Get that and you won't have to overclock as much, if at all.

But that's no fun!!
August 7, 2006 5:29:27 PM

OR YOU can go for the Athlon 64 X2 4800+ and THEN OC It for Ferrari results :wink:

my specs

RIG specs
Antec P180 PerformanceSeries Mid-Tower Case
SeaSonic S12 600 watt power supply
Asus A8N32 SLI mobo AMD N-Force 4 SLIX16 (bios 1103 V02.58)
RealTek 97 onboard digital 5.1 Surround
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo Core, 2 X 1mb L2 cache (AMD driver w/MS hotfix & AMD Dual Core Optimizer)
2 gigs of Corsair TwinX3500LL Pro @ 437Mhz 2-3-2-6-1T
2- BFG Tech 7900 GT OC 256mb in SLI (nvidia driver 91.31)
Western Digital RAPTOR 74.3 gig 10-K rpm HDD for XP & Apps
Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for gaming, movies, MP3's
Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for document backup (unplugged)
Sony CDrom 52X
Plextor 708-A DVD/CD rom
Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 THX 500watts
August 7, 2006 8:18:45 PM

as you noticed in my sig, my mobo is a pos oc'er. the 3200+ can only go to 230 HTT before failing so I don't think I can OC that much. A 4200+ cost too much for negligible increase in performance so i'll just get a x2 3800+.
August 7, 2006 9:09:57 PM

I'd be interested to know how a dual core would benefit you over a single core. I also have a single core (3500 venice) and I'm not sure whether to upgrade to a dual core. Because of my motherboard (asus a8n-vm) I'm only able to o/c motherboard to 219mhz (from 200) - it doesn't have facility to increase voltage.
August 8, 2006 7:05:46 AM

Well, the first thing i can do is run some resource heavy antivirus/spyware and firewall without lagging. Then i can fold at twice the speed. The last one would be future support for multithread apps.

My mobo tops out at 230 HTT so I left the 3200+ @2.2ghz.