Geforce 6600 probelm - Video is pixelated

Hey there,

I got a problem which popped out this week. Whenever I watch vidoes on the computer, the video looks pixelated than it should be. I though my eyes became sharper then befroe (but they were'nt :-), on my other computer the videos look crystal clear, as they should. I don't why it's happening cause I did'nt get any error messages. My Graphics card is a Geforce 6600 running on Windows XP, and I've also installed all the latest drivers, but still no luck.

I'd appreciate any help you can give me
Thanks in advance,
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  1. Well udi i think your video card or your display is the source of your problem,try getting a second display and connecting it to your video card or try reinstaling the os
  2. I'd want to add another thing - yesterday I've used Nerovision to compile a DVd, before the program opened it alerted me that video hardware acclleration is turned off, I believe it's the same problem, how do I turn it on?

  3. You probably need to install the DVD Decoder for hardware decoding. You can get it from:

    Also, check your display driver settings. Make sure you have at least 16bit color preferably 32bit color. If you don't have the option to change this setting your Display driver is not configured correctly.
  4. You can check if your video acceleration in on by pushing in desktop proprieties-advanced-troubleshoot and put it to full
  5. In addition to the other possibilitie mentioned, if you have a LCD monitor, are you running it in its native resolution, or something else? It will likely look better at native.
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