Internet Connection Sharing in Win98 SE with DSL

I have successfully shared my @Home cable internet connection using Win98 SE. Now a friend wants me to set it up for him for his DSL internet connection.

I thought I read something where it is a bit different for DSL. Does anyone have this setup and it is straightforward or might there be additional steps out of the ordinary to get it working.

With @Home cable internet I needed to use 2 NIC's on the ICS server machine. I just happened to have two different NIC's (a Netgear TP FA310 and a Realtec combo card). One NIC is connected to the Cable modem and the other to a 4 port Netgear hub for the internal network.

My friend has two identical NIC's for his ICS host PC (3COM 3C905-C combo cards). I understand that this may be a bit of a configuration challenge getting Windoze to recognize both cards since they are identical.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I'm not sure if there will be any problems with both cards being the same. I'm expecting that it'll be okay, however.

    Basically, it's pretty much the same. You can also use a crossover cable to connect directly to the other computer of he doesn't want to use a hub.

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