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I'd like to have a large external raid. 4 drives, large capacity and reliability are more important than speed. However, it doesn't seem like there are a ton of options out there and the price of many leaves something to be desired. If building a second computer and running an internal raid is what I have to do for backup, then so be it. Am I missing a prize out there? Can anyone point me to a reasonably priced large external solution? "reasonable" in this case is simply less than a computer w/raid card.
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  1. My question to you is monetary, what kind of clams you looking to spend?
  2. It's a trickier question than one would think. I don't have an exact ceiling, I'm just not looking to buy a device that costs more than a computer w/raid card that I could use as external storage. Any number would be arbitrary, but I guess 500ish (US) might be a good number.
  3. Also forgot to ask how much storage you were looking for?
  4. Hoping to get 1tb+.
  5. Well, for a TB+ NAS, your going to spend around 700 bucks. Before you could buy them, I was using freeNAS and Linux zero raid to build my own boxes. For the money ( assuming you have gigabit networks) I just think these new NAS systems are pretty good. They are quiet, cool, and safe with raid 5 options. You could also get an empty setup from Buffalotech or any Intel, and add large drives in a spanning schema as you progress. You'll save money over time by adding extra (up to 5 for most home NAS solutions) as they drop in price.

    Check out Tom's August 1st issue on building you own. It fun to do, if you can do the up keep.
  6. I think I'm a bit too paranoid to build my own right now (that and I'd rather just grab one).

    I've seen the variety of Buffalotech ones out there, but haven't looked at Intel much, I'll search around. Any recommendation on a specific model?

    I'm looking at relatively low use. Mostly video, not too much daily back and forth.
  7. Buffalotech and Techus are the two NAS makers that I see reviewed on a regular basis. They both have NAS\SAN models that have the Tom's Awards attached to them. Personally I liked the Techus N5200, it comes at a high price, but it's got everything you need in it to make a nice storage server.
  8. Actually, that might be exactly what I'm looking for (for now). Thanks for the help.
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