Good card to hold me over until DX10.

I need to get a video card and I am not sure wich one to get. I dont want to spend a whole lot of money on one now because I will be getting another one when the DX10 cards com out. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's plenty of threads just like this. Look before you post.

    7600GT or X1800GTO are good choices for cheap cards. X1800XT or 7900GT if you want to spend more.
  2. sorry I meant to add, a video card which can play most current games at medium stteings.
  3. 7600GT and X1800GTO are your best choices.
  4. Well right now I will be playing battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, WOW, possibly some Fear as well.
  5. 7600GT will suit nicely if you want to keep the price down. X1800GTO will work well too but it's priced a bit higher than the 7600GT and they perform similiarly until you start to overclock. I've been told the X1800GTO shines there.
  6. If your budget can stretch get the AIW X1900 from newegg at $249.99
  7. scratch that, just checked the benchies and it turns out the x1900 AIW sux some serious donkey

    not sure how it rates to the X1800GTO, but to be honest if you are looking for something to hold out til dx10 you really want a 7900GT/X1800XT/X1900XT

    anything else will 'do', but struggle in alot of newer games such as FEAR and Oblivion, not to mention the next 6 months' releases
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