Antec... Experts opinion needed! Im short of money!

ok, my computer wont turn on, it is curious that the case fans try to spin but they stop inmediately after I press the pwr button. I think it's a power supply problem, but it is only a couple months old! I think I never turn my computer off.
The motherboard green light is ON, so I think the mobo is fine...!

I'd appreciate any help, thanx
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  1. How long did the system work before this problem came up?
  2. Can we get some system specs?
  3. Quote:
    Can we get some system specs?

    lookj at his sig

    the PSU is a rock solid one. Maybe a mobo issue?
  4. Hi there,

    I assume you do normally turn your computer off and this is just an issue that has come up now?

    firstly, does your computer turn on and then turn off after a couple of seconds? or is it more like a flicker of life which only lasts for a split second?

    if it's the former, I'd suggest checking out the power button on your computer...

    if it's the latter I'd suggest something has gone wrong somewhere on your computer, any changes made recently? if so, change them back, see if it works.

    As a drastic method of working out what it is, you could attempt to remove everything from the pc, if you disconnect everything (hdds, dvd, cd) then you can rule them out, however i believe that if you take out the graphics card and the ram then the motherboard would still spin the fans (although nothing else would happen)

    if that still causes issues then you can always turn your psu on without attaching it to the mobo, google it, it can be done, although i'm unsure how you would go about checking the psu under stress, you could certainly check that all the lines were the correct voltage.

    anyway, have a look at what i suggest, maybe it'll help, maybe it won't! either way, it's my first post, so hello everyone!!

  5. I just had my Neopower 480 stop working with the same condition. Green light on motherboard but no boot. The local computer store tested it and found a short in the 5V circuit so off to RMA it goes. I was thinking of replacing it with a Neo 550 HE but I am sorry to hear you are having problems with yours.

    Who makes a reliable power supply that does not cost $200?
  6. A PSU tester might help to let you know if you are getting the proper voltages. Have you used this PSU with this particular motherboard for a while now?
  7. my specs are in my signature...

    Ok the problems seems to be with the ATX 12V connector, I connected the psu to the mobo only with the 24pin connector and the processor fan turned on, as well as the memory leds, note this was only with the 24pin connector plugged everything else(hdd, graphics card, cdrom and ATX12V) was unplugged. then I plugged the ATX 12V connector to the mobo and everything turned off..!

    That leads to two problems.. first.. maybe the ATX12V connector is damaged but I think that if that was the case, the mobo wouldnt turn off when i plug it(It would stay on)..
    ....or second... the mobo is shortcircuiting somewhere and when I plug the ATX12V connector it turns off because of the shortcircuiting.

    Any of u knows how to find out what's wrong with my pc?is it the mobo being dead cuz of a SC, or just the ATX12V psu connector not working?
    I find ithard to believe that my psu unit is dead since it is almost new(5 months) and antec is a great manufacturer.

    The computer had been workin great for the past 4 or 5 months, and I hardly turned it off, only when I had to travel. Today I just found it off and it didnt want to power on.
  8. I took my psu to a computer store and the technician tested the psu with a psu tester duh!. and none of the tester lights turned on when he connected any of the psu connectors, so he told me the psu was dead.

    However when I got back home I connected the 24pin connector which caused the processor fan and memory leds to turn on! how could this be? Wasnt the 24pin connector dead according to the tech?

    Any help appreciated.
  9. if no money do not build or that computer will not last
  10. what do u mean? that's my everyday use computer. I do have money but I'd hate to spend it changing a defective psu!
  11. Psu maybe defective but most of all the main proble mif the psu is no good will it kill the computer eventually ?
  12. God Damn it, throw away that POS translator program you are using.

    @ charlieyv

    RMA the psu, call Antec and tell them what the computer store tech told you (make sure you note the serial number of the psu so you don't get the same one back).
  13. My PSU died on me a couple of months ago and it took with it my Video card, network card, video capture card, cable modem, router and motherboard. (thank god for RMA) Anyways, it happened the same way you described. One day I got home from work and my computer was off. I hit the power button and the fans would spin for a second and then stop and that was all it would do. The motherboard lights were on and everything, but the computer would not start. Anyway, a bunch of new parts and an Antec PSU and everything is now fine.
  14. I dont live in the us so rma for me is not an option, at least is not a quick solution for the problem.
    I need to know what the exact problem is.

    If any of u guys have had the same problem with a psu please post
  15. The problem is your PSU. Hopefully it didn't damage any other parts in your computer.
  16. allright guys, I bought a psu from thermaltake... and nothing happened.. so that rules out a defective psu...
    By the way I now have two psu's (antec TPII 550W and TT500W) so if anyone is interested just let me know!!

    if the psu is not the problem then what is the problem? I get the same problem as before... when I plug in the atx 4 pin conector everything goes off...
    the HDD works fine, as well as the cd drive, I dont know if the vid card is allright..

    Anyone knows how to test my mobo only?
  17. lol, u got 2 defective PSU's


    umm..i'd guess the mobo...u got a Port 80 card?? it'll give u a 2 character code and let u kno whats wrong.
  18. You're not supposed to plug in the 4-pin connector with the power on, or even plugged in for that matter.
  19. Here's a few scenarios:

    1) You have serious bad luck and you bought a defective PSU. Have you checked that with the store tech yet?

    2) When you plugged in that ATX 12V connector when it was on, you could've fried the MB, in which case you need another one.

    3) Other possibilities that only the Shadow knows...

    Do you know if a surge occured while you were away? That happened to my dad's PC before, and ended up frying his PSU. Luckily, it seems that was it. If a surge occured, you may have lost more than your PSU...
  20. I just plugged the atx while the psu was on because I hadn't nothing else to try

    If I plug the atx connector before I turn the psu on, nothing happens... nothing at all..

    The mobo green light is on, but I dont think that means that it is alive, the green light according to the manual is just a stand by power light.

    And come on... two defectives psu's? It's easier to win the lottery..

    Im going to test the mobo with a friends computer very similar to mine to see what happens... I dont know how to check check for shortcircuits or dead capacitors :?

    im in over my head with this... maybe ill post a video
  21. capicators are quite easy.


    the buldging one are kinda hard to spot.
  22. thanks for that!
    I cheked them all and they seem allright..
  23. Let me give you a peak into my "luck":

    I bought another 512Mb stick for my old Athlon XP-M 2600+ setup. I had it overclocked to 218Mhz x 11 for 2.4Ghz. After a couple weeks, the PC began behaving abnormally (stutters, game glitches, etc.) Eventually, turned out that out of the 3 once working RAM modules, 2 became defective. Then my MB had a defective RAM slot. After getting the new parts back, my PSU fan control died, so it sounded like a jet plane. Then my dad's PSU died from a surge. Then after getting another MB back, it still wouldn't work. It turned out to be a defective BIOS (despite my attempts to re-flash it; had to spend $8 to ship it out only to find out that it was the BIOS). Now with a new setup (my current one), it turns out that a SATA controller is dead. So yes, UNLIKELY, but as my luck dictates, ANYTHING could happen. You have to eliminate ALL possibilities before you can rule them out!

    And oh, I should add that the new PSU that I replaced my dad's with is defective too; a completely crappy piece of **** Antec that can't keep voltages stable (12.8V vs my 12.2V, 3.2V vs my 3.3V, 4.76V vs my 4.99V, etc.) And I have a Thermaltake PSU!
  24. I'm having the exact same problem with my P4 machine. Bought a new PSU for it but the computer still shuts down after a few seconds - only if the 12V is plugged in.

    I unplug all my other cards and hard disks etc to narrow all that down. Even when I take out the RAM it behaves in exactly the same way - starts to boot up, but doesn't even make it far enough for BIOS beep errors.

    I'm giving up and going to buy a new motherboard tomorrow. The only thing I'm worried about is whether it's actually the CPU crapping itself (would that even be possible?)
  25. Interestingly I had this with a relatively new Prescott system after adding a hard drive.. Turn on the power and everything spins up for a moment then shuts down. The problem? One of the wires for a chassis fan was pinched under the hard drive mount. Thus the power supply was going into safety shutdown due to a short on the 12 volt line from the shorted fan wire.
  26. if u have a multimeter , turn off the PSU, remove the atx12 cable from the MB and check that the +12 and GND arent shorted or have a low resistance (yellow and black cables on the antec)

    if it is shorted, either the CPU or the MB VRM is bust

    I have a8nsli also with HE500, previously it was a TP480 but i wanted to add more HDs
  27. that could be very possible, because, the 12v is used to power up the cpu, so maybe that's causing the problem. I hope the problem is only with my mobo because that's the less expensive part u could posibly replace.
  28. Ok, I found my problem. Unfortunately, I doubt it is yours.

    After buying a new motherboard and not having my CPU work on that, I put the CPU back on my old motherboard. To my surprise it worked, but the CPU was running hot - 97C (200F). I figure it must have been overheating instantly and shutting down, as one of the clips was broken and evidently reducing how effective the heat-synch was.

    Pressing down on unclipped corner of the CPU fan dropped the temperature by 23C (41F) within about 10 seconds.

    Bought a new CPU fan and now it is running fine.

    Good luck with your issues!
  29. I never got to know what the real problem was... but im replacing my mobo with the deluxe version of the one that died. Every other component of my pc is ok, except for the cpu that I haven't tested and therefore I dont noe its condition..

    But I guess it's ok
  30. I had an Antec TP 550 take out a MB....three times befor I found out it was the PSU and not just the MB.
    Now I only use PC P&C PSU's.

    I also always used Asus boards but they all seemed to have cap problems 2-3 years after a build. Asus has always been good for me with a 10 day turn around on the RMS...but I got tierd of that.
    Now I use only DFI MB's.
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