Strange sounds coming from newly upgraded system

I just upgraded my mobo/cpu/video card. I was running a 9600xt and an AMD 3200+ on an Asus board that i cannot remember the name of at the moment. I got a Sapphire x1800xt (256 meg version, this is gaming on a budger), a 3800+ dual core, and a Biostar TForce4U mobo. I love the system so far, but there is one very peculiar quality about it.

There are distinct noises that come from the case based on what the moniter is displaying. Basic stuff like desktop, websites, Word, and the like run normally. As soon as 3d applications are thrown into the mix, vibration sounds like that of a case fan begin to eminate from the case. The intensity of the sound increases with the intensity of the application; high-end games like Oblivion and x3 cause the most noise.

Now, the noise is nothing earsplitting; it's no louder than a 120mm case fan, but it's higher pitched. I first assumed that it was the graphics card, but upon investigation, I am at a total loss as to what is making the noise. I removed the side panel of my case and listened to every component possible; the CPU fan, northbridge fan, VGA cooling system, even the case fans. I cannot detect any abnormal vibration or sound from any single point in the case; the sound just 'happens'. I'm not sure if I should worry about this or just let it go.

Has anyone had any oddities like this? Is it just an attribute of the cooling solutions of newer graphics cards? I have never owned or worked with a card with the 'duct' style cooling system before; my old 9600xt had a small heatsink with a very small fan...nothing like the behemoth HS and fan that the x1800xt has.

Thanks for reading :)

If I can, I will record the sound later on if needed.
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  1. From what i read, oblivion seems a challenging game for any pc configuration.
    Therefor I assume your components are being treaded with some serious numbercrunching.

    My best guess is......"its purring like a kitten'......??
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