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I bought a Fujitsu P4, 2.66 GHZ, computer. Its memory capacity was 256 MB but i upgraded to 512 GB so that i could load Windows 7. I loaded Windows 7 and after the installation, there was no sound. I re-installed again but still there was no sound. What could be the problem?
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  1. You REALLY do not want to run Windows 7 with less than 1GB of memory; you will not be happy. Is that a laptop? If so then you have against you also. Laptop drivers can be VERY hard to find when changing versions of Windows.
  2. Try some Ac97 drivers and hope that those generic drivers work
  3. first of all you didn't explained that it is PC or laptop because the drivers and all the functions can different. Now the minimum RAM usage for any PC or laptop to RUN Windows 7 is 1 GB or more than this. Upgrade the RAM. Now I think your sound drivers are not properly installed check from device manager. If it is showing OK then Check your speakers may be some problem in this.
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