Tips for overclocing Pentium D 930 on Asus P5WD2-E Premium

Hey yall i'm pretty newb at the whole overclocking thing so i want to get a bit of feedback before i proceed any further. I bought my current rig a while back and for some reason after reading all the amazing stories of overclocking i felt like giving it a try.

System Specs:
Pentium D 930, 3.0 GHz
2 Gig Patriot DDR2 6400 RAM 800MHz
Asus P5WD2-E Premium Mobo
Gigabyte Radeon X1900XTX

So far i got my Pentum D 930 overclocked from 3.0 -> 3.3 GHz. By settings of 220MHz x15. opperating at 47C with stock heatsink and Artic Silver 5.
FSB is now 880MHz and RAM is performing at DDR2 7100 880MHz.
This particular processor only has a x15 multiplyer which i guess makes it harder to get higher clocks out of. Is this correct? When i push the clock past 220 MHz the RAM begins to drop. Should i expect this?

Here is the CPUz feedback.

Does anyone see or know how i can push more out of this processor? Also, if anyone knows a good guide to overclocing this processor or has experience with this motherboard point me in the right direction.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by the marketing stuff? when i increased the clock from 200 to 220 the RAM automaticly went to 880MHz.

    after a bit of thought i realized why the RAM began to clock back. :oops:

    I already got a new Heatsink on the way. The Zalman 9500. I don't really trust the Arctic Freezer being perpendicular to the board and hanging to the side. It just seems too big and heavy, i can imagine it snaping off. If i had a case that layed flat so that the cooler stood up then i would definitely get it.

    I had to manually set up the RAM at 4-4-4-12, which it is supposed to be for the RAM i have, but i notice that the SPD still says 5-5-5-15. Should it do that?
  2. Your D930 in combination with the Asus mobo will give you great over clocking (over 4 GHz)
    But not with that HSF.
    The 7700 would have done you more justice.
    Consider water cooling.
    There is not much to tell you that has not already been posted on these forums.
    The trick is Vcore and ram voltages.
    Search the patriot site or forums to find safe ram voltages and use them as you need.
    Change your ram settings to 667 and keep it as close as you can to 667 until your stable at the clock speed your comfortable with.(youll notice a climb upward toward your 800Mhz rating this is what you ultimately want)
    Then you can play with the ram to tweak your oc.
    Your CPU temps should stay close to the 64C rating as possible under full load. (Much lower on water).
    The Vcore maximum on the D9xx CPU’s is 1.375 volts and 1.55volts absolute maximum.
    You’re new to this so stay away from that absolute number. (Use this as a guideline)
    Set your Vcore to 1.375 and raise the fsb until your unstable (prime95 after each increase)then adjust vcore one increment at a time to stabilize.
    (Important) Run 2 instances Prime 95 to make sure you’re stable.
    This stresses both cores@ 100%
    If you’re nice wusy may help you with ram timings after your at your safe maximum.
    This should get you started.
    Good luck
  3. Awesome kwalker that is exactly what i needed to read. The update on the Vcore settings is a massive help since i have it already set up to 1.4V. I'll go fix that now. Also the settings for the RAM, how ingenious. I wouldn't have thought of that. So you clock them down and as you up the FSB the RAM will follow (to an extent). How cool.

    thanks guys.
  4. So ya having it running at 3.6ghz and it's at 800mhz for the ram and also using the as3000 watercooling it's running at 46 degrees on full load and 38 idle.
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