Suggestions for new video card.

Hey all. I am looking at buying a new video card. I've been looking for about a month now, but cant decide. So i figgured i'd come here and ask you all.
My current system is.

ahtlon 64 3700+
1 Gig OCZ ram, and 1 gig Corsair
9800 pro

i want to keep it kind of cheap right now. I just need a good bang for your buck card. I'll be building a newer system down the road after vista and dx10 and all that start becoming more common.
what are some good suggestions? I want to spend at the most $250.00. But i'd like to keep it around $200.00. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.
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  1. Does anyone else have similiar specs as me? That upgraded from a 9800 pro?
  2. 7600GT, maybe a 7900GT after rebate, or X1800GTO or X1900GT.
  3. The X800GTO would be a good card for your pc.
  4. which motherboard do u have?
    since you have a Radeon 9800 you probably have an AGP slot and no PCIe
    so i would suggest upgrading to a X800 GTo or if you prefer nVidia cards
    buying a 7600 GS would suffice for moderate gaming.
    if money is not an object for you 7800 GS is the best choice...
  5. Why get an X800GTO when you can get an X850 pro or X800XL from ATI clearance for $119.
  6. 9800PRO to X800XL or X850PRO is a huge upgrade. Did that last month. :D
  7. sweet! thanks for the responses. glad to see some of you helped out.
    im gonna try for a X850 pro or X800XL like kaotao said. i was also looking on at those. im gonna compare a few, but damn, you cant go wrong for 120.00
  8. lol damn. i shoulda did it last night when i saw it on
    its gone now :(
  9. I'd go with the refurb X800XL with 1 year warranty. Mine is fine and came with the complete retail bundle.

    If you simply must have new, the AIW X800XT is a more powerful gaming card, plus it has a TV tuner card, remote control, and video inputs, and some extra software. Good deal unless you wanted to add an aftermarket cooler and push extreme overclocks.

    Anyway, the 9800 pro is holding you back bigtime on that nice rig; either of these cards would be a huge upgrade.
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