Hello noobie needs help with stone age pc

Hello, im a moderate experienced computer user who has done just about everything he knows(hehe not so much) to retrieve his stoneage old computer. Let me be a litle more specific i have owned a piece of junk Compaq presario for the last 4-5 years. Since it was my first ever pc i was in love with it for a year or so then i came to learn the truth about my pcs dark side. Behold! Its CPU was an amd athlon tbird aka devils stove(:P i made that up). Anyways not long after i ve learned about the overheating issues and this and that. As i was expecting i started to have these problems within a couple of years. Over heating issue got so bad(at the time i had no clue on to deal with it)after about two years i burned the mobo and the cpu. However i wasnt gonna just dippose my 1000$ investment instead i had someone replace my motherboard and cpu with similar ones(Uwave&athlon tbird 1.2). Now after 2 years its acting up again and not just acting up but fucking up big time. However lately its been getting really confusing. Whenever the computer overheats(or whatever the problem is) when i mess with the HDD ide cables, such as removing or switching them between primary and secondary it boots up again. And if that doesnt work i remove the CPU clean it up with some rubbing alcohol and then put it back in it sometimes boots up. Or listen to this, once all i had to do was remove the one of the two rams i had and it booted up. After its boot i put the ram back in to see if that was the problem but it booted up fine after like 3 hours of surfing the web and some gaming(cs) it crashed again. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with it. So to solution to this i have bought an other compaq (call me a dumbass i deserve it) but that turned out to be a junk too so i returned it. I have been wanting to build my own pc or get an apple but since im on a tight budget i think im gonna stick with building a pc. However i wanted to keep my old one alive so i could create a network and play some lite games(cs mostly).
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  1. hehe i just dont know when to cut it short i guess and sorry if strayed too much off topic. Anyways, my main question was can anyone for the love of God help me with this pc??
  2. Quote:
    hehe i just dont know when to cut it short i guess and sorry if strayed too much off topic. Anyways, my main question was can anyone for the love of God help me with this pc??

    I would really love to help, but the way you post details is confusing. Maybe you should state your problems first and then the detailed specs of your PC in a bulleted format or itemized format. That would be a great help to all who would read your post. :wink:
  3. check and replace the termopaste, it might be that it has dried up and not conducting heat properly. also have u checked to see if the heatsink is seated properly? tried running it without the case to see whats happening? see if the fan is even cooling the heatsink? u really need to give us more information...
    out of interest does it use SD or DDR SD ram?
    can u give us proper specs?
    u bought a new mobo + 1.2 Tbird, was the mobo OEM or branded?
  4. If you give us a budget for the new system, I can come up with a parts list for you. Please specify what country you're in as well.... I hate running to Newegg, spending 20 minutes finding something that fits people's given budgets, only to learn they are in another country.
  5. First of all thanks for all the replies and sorry if i was a little confusing. Let me back up a little bit. My problem is that my old compaq presario is not turning on. I have replaced the termal paste on it several times and it helped half those times for about few hours or days at most. I think the heatsink is seated fine with enough thermal paste. As for my specs let me be a little more specific.

    Uwave motherboard
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.3GHz
    384MB generic memory SD ram
    Powercolor radeon 9600xt
    250W psu
    120Gb harddrive (seagate i think)

    I would really appreciate any help thanks again.
    Oh and for The_Prophecy, i live in US so newegg is an option for me and i have 800-900$ budget i would love an conroe setup with a 7600gt,a case psu and monitor since i will DEFINETLY not upgrade for next 2 years or so DX is not an option for me and i ve been waiting for the last year or so to upgrade cannot wait any longer :P :oops:
  6. By any chance could my psu be causing a problem?
  7. your psu prob did give out, though it might be that your mobo has blown a compacitor
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