ram in dual channel wont boot

I received my 3200+ venice today which is going to replace a broken 3500+ newcastle.
When I first installed the chip, everything powered up fine but the machine wouldnt boot, or even send a signal to the monitor. After looking over everything for awhile i took out a stick of memory and tried to boot. It booted and worked fine.
I can run both sticks in single channel mode or each alone but cant run any configurations in dual channel.
Everything worked fine b4. Could it be the memory controller? Or did my motherboard crap out?

Some specs:
- a64 3200 venice
- 2x1gb sticks of g.skill hz
- thermaltake 480w psu
- msi VAI 6702e
- 6600gt
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  1. I have the same problem, only DC never worked on my PC at all. I have a Gigabyte 8IK1100 Rev 1.0 and 2 Kingston 512MB PC3200 sticks. I thought that if they matched they would run dual channel. Am I right? They don't. All my system does is beep nonstop as soon as the power is turned on. I can run both sticks fine in single channel though.

    Now, I am using Kingston ValueRam, does that matter?
  2. thanks for the suggestion wusy, but it still wont work.
  3. The broken CPU could have damaged the other DIMM (tried swapping them?).
  4. Ok well i already have the newest BIOS. Ive tried every possible combination but still get nothing in dual channel. When I put 1 or both of the sticks in the left bank (your suppossed to have at least one in the right before you use the left) without one in the other side it wont boot (and should'nt) but at least I still get some beeps letting me know its the memory. Any other suggestions?
  5. and yes both sticks still work. Maybe I should MEMTest them? If one stick is producing errors will it prevent them from running in DC?
  6. can anybody help?
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