First Build PC Problem: Random Startup...

I've go a few probs that I even dont know wha should I do to solve it:

1. the pc boot up on itself randomly. however it never hang during operation or suddenly restart but instead startup on itself after it was properly shutdown. its kinda creepy sometimes...

2. few months after that, the OS fail to load. I use windows XP pro. the screen become a quick-cant-even-read blue screen and the the pc will restart the same thing occur. i've already change the hard disk but the prob still occur...

do i need to specify my machine specs for someone to help me?
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  1. Yes, your specs would be very handy, along with your components temps. Use Everest Home Edition to find them. Getting that blue screen error code would also be very handy. Right click on My Computer. Select Properties, and go tot he Advanced tab. Click Settings under Startup and Recovery. Uncheck the box lebelled Automatically Restart. Apply and OK out of everything you opened. Now you'll be able to get that blue screen.
  2. B4 dat, can faulty wiring cause random startup? anyway, these are the specs:

    Processor: P4 2.4GHz FSB 400MHz

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-L

    RAM: 2 x 256MB Kingston FSB 400 MHz
    1 x 256MB Samsung FSB 266MHz (Salvaged from older computer)

    Graphic Card: MilkyStar Geforce FX-5200

    PSU: standard PSU (bought along with the casing)

    Hard Disk: Maxtor 120GB 8MB Cache
    Seagate 40GB

    I cant get the message from the blue screen since the OS fail to load and the probs go on...start-blue screen-resart-blue screen... till i have to switch off the main power supply...

    Still...I'm still wondering what are the factors can cause a random startup after a proper shutdown...sometimes it startup right after the computer was shutdown, but sometimes after about 5-7 hours after proper shutdown...
  3. Have you tried getting into Safe Mode yet?
  4. This actually happened to me! Your PC is most likely grounding to the case. Make sure you have the brass standoffs installed and that your MB is not making contact to any metal parts. It could be anything electrical touching something else that is conductive.

    EDIT: When I built my first PC, the manual failed to mention the brass standoffs. When I eventually got tired of not being able to play some games (thought it was a bad gfx card), I decided to buy a new gfx card. I didn't know it, but my MB was making contact with the case, and when I was trying to troubleshoot, every time I walked by it, it would start up! I finally fried the MB and realized with the next manual (bought a new MB) that I left out the standoffs. oops!

    Other edits for grammer
  5. Yeah sounds like a short plus maybe the power supply.

    BSODs might happen if you have damaged the motherboard, not sure otherwise, could be a power problem, it's hard to pin down.

    Check the standoffs, then check and maybe even disconnect the power button from the motherboard to rule out a crappy switch. You can get the computer on by briefly sticking a pen or pencil into the power connector on the mobo. That's what an on/off button does basically, it's an intentional short.

    After you shut it down wait a day to see if the random start-up occurs. If with the power switch disconnected, it still restarts I would bet on a bad power supply, but that would be pretty weird. I can't imagine how a PS could start-up by itself without getting a signal from the mobo.

    If the BSODs still happen run memtest and check your memory.
  6. The random must have been funny the first few times.

    It could be more things wrong than one.

    Let me just state what my first thoughts are.

    Memory timings / compatibility (that would not explain the random boots but it would explain the reboots during boot up)
    Seeing you use 2 types of ram, which is possible, i really think you should give memory timings some thoughts.

    Second thought was, you got these options in bios with wich you can tell on which commands the computer may boot up..........wake on LAN etc.
    Or maybe even wake on keyboard....(you dont have you?)

    But what the others said about checking whether your system is properly wired or grounded never hurts. But because you already loaded OS i dont think you forgot to put your mobo spacers
    With that kind of short circuit your computer would have turned on only once.........

    (EDIT) another htought........because you only got the blue screen reboot problem after few months.......and because it is an somewhat older board (maybe have been laying around unpowered for some time?).......

    Cmos battery does not happen often......but I seen it happen...
  7. I should add that my system ran for a whole year before I found out. So yes, it is possible to load up an OS, play games, and still experience these problems b/c of a short.
  8. My english is crappy.....i am dutch....but.......i wrote

    ..."But because you already loaded OS i dont think you forgot to put your mobo spacers
    With that kind of short circuit your computer would have turned on only once......... "

    I thought that "that kind" refered to the "mobo spacers"....
  9. So short circuit still can happen without frying the MB even for the first time? that would explain it...but I remember I dont left out any part from the motherboard...but maybe I should check the switch since the first time I build it, it did not boot up at all..after that I rewire all those stuff...

    Should I consider changing the CMOS battery too?? it's only about a year old.

    few months back, I've already experienced the blue screen problem after the windows failed to load(more like a pop-up blue screen a.k.a death screen since it's just instantenous). What I've done was reformatting the hard disk, reinstall windows and after that it worked just fine...till three days ago... for the power supply, now that I remember it, I've already change it after the same thing happen a few times (random boot and OS failed to load). But the same problem still occur...
  10. Well.....cmos battery is the most unlikely the cause.....but it can was more of a after thought.

    I think if you start on checking all wires and grounds, check memory timings and check bios settings regarding "boot up calls" be on your way....

    After prolly many reboots like you described, i would not be surprised if you need to reinstall the OS after checking all the above.
  11. Maybe check and see what type of wakeup events are on in the bios. Maybe wake on LAN or wake on USB might be the problem. I would also check heatsink attachment. Maybe it's loose and isn't cooling properly at all times or maybe you have a bad stick of RAM causing the shutdown. Try each stick of RAM seperately and see if they all perform as desired.
  12. Definitely check that on/off switch. Just disconnect it, leave it for a day and see if it boots by itself. That would be extremely strange.

    On my computer if I hit the switch the computer is smart enough to give me the "Standby/Shutdown/Restart" prompt, but on yours if it is making contact it might be doing something weird and the voltage irregularities could definitely give you BSODs that would look like bad RAM.

    It is also possible you have more than one problem...
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