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I know that sometimes dual core CPUs and SLI GPUs score lower on the benchmark tests. But I was wondering if this type of configuration smooths out game performance.

For example, if a game scores lower with this configuration, are are the FPS more consistant? I would rather have a game run at a consistant 40fps rather than 60fps most of the time but sometimes dip into the 20fps range.

Can anyone clear this up? Thanks.
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  1. As far as I know you get dramatic benefits from SLI/ Crossfire, and a dual core CPU is faster then single core at the same frequency.

    Quad SLI only really benefits those running a 32" monitor or higher and is a bit unstable.

    Can recommend Crossfire, haven't had experience of SLI myself!
  2. Quote:
    Dual core: None, zilch. Maximum of 10% increase if the game is multithreaded

    Upcoming games (Crysis in particular), will change this though. Crysis will actually strongly recommend a dual-core CPU (one for normal stuff, one for physics).
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