I came across this PSU on NewEgg this morning:

I'd like to use this in my new build with the Antec P180B case.

-does anyone own this PSU. Is it good? Any reviews? Pros and cons?
-will it work with the Antec P180 (cable management)

FYI - my build:

Thanks guys!
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  1. Sorry man, I wouldn't recommend aspire psu's to anyone.

    Also, the higher the power these crappy psu's go the bigger the bang they can make when they fail. If you are going to spend over $1000 on a computer please get a decent psu.

    When you are getting over 650w stick with seasonic, silverstone, enermax, PC P&C, FSP... etc.
  2. Hey thanks for the tip. You're probably right. The NewEgg reviews were ok. What do you think about the NeoHe 550 from Antec? They say it's compatible with the P180.

    I'm not sure about compatability with the mobo though. Any thoughts?
  3. The antec neo is a good psu, I don't personally like modular (just one more point of resistance as well as breakage) but it will power what you want easily.

    If it's an ATX 2.0 (or higher) model then it will be compatible with your motherboard.
  4. OK great. Thanks for the tips. I actually found a great post discussing this in more detail. Chat soon.
  5. Anyone have any comments on the PSU itself? Thanks.
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