Best Sound blaster xfi version?

I picked up the xfi XM version of the card, but I havent heard the difference between others like the fatality.

Any benifet? I get this one cause it was $70 at Bestbuy.
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  1. There is no audible differecne between the XM and the Platiunum or Fata1ity versions. The Platinum is an XM with an $20 breakout box that Creative wants $80 for. The Fata1ity is a Platinum with an LED on the card that can be seen in cases with a clear window (not sure what benefit to audio quality it provides, LOL) and extra memory that may be usable in the next year or so when games give it consideration since they don't today.

    When you get to the Elite Pro version there's better DACs to be had and higher S/N ratio, which should equal better sound quality.
  2. Oh lol! Im glad i didnt splurge for the LED version...
    Thanks for that info.
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