DDR2 and DDR Compatable?

I have (2) 512 PC3200 DDR sticks of RAM in my current computer. I am planning on purchasing a new AM2 Mobo and processor and was wondering if I need to purchase the DDR2 RAM right away, or if I can get away with using my DDR RAM for now. I just dont want to order my new Mobo and CPU only to have things not work due to having incompatible RAM. I would just buy it now, but buying new RAM in a month or so would be easier on my wallet atm. :P

Thank You!
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  1. DDR cannot be used in DDR2 slots. They have a different pin count.
    I think I've seen a board that is compatible with both, but I don't know what it was or if it was intel/amd.
  2. Ok, thats just what i needed!

  3. No problem.
    To follow up, ASRock seems to make one for intel:
    anandtech posted a review just today:

    Since AM2 came out recently, I daresay that ASRock is probably working on one for AMDs.
  4. FYI, they're making an Ender's Game movie. Here's the imdb link:

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