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So what happens after the Windows 7 beta time limit?

I have both x86 and x64 windows 7, but what will happen when MS stops the beta? Will I just have to order a windows 7 copy? Will I be able to keep the beta installed and buy a new product key?
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  1. BETA 2. BETA 3 unlikely. Then the official release.
  2. Doesn't build 7048 go to like 2010 or something?
  3. I believe you'll need to install a fresh final release. You may be able to do an upgrade install but no promises. If you try and keep using the beta/RC it will be flagged as illegal and reduce functionality.
  4. Assuming what happened for vista beta, you will get a message saying "Your evaluation period has expired".
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    More than likely what'll happen is you'll get a week or so of messages letting you know the evaluation's going to expire giving you a chance to back up whatever needs saving, then it'll be flagged as illegal and have reduced functionality, or require a product key from a retail version before you can use it (though this is the least likely of the 2)
  6. Thanks, I did not want loose all my data.
  7. erm, you keep important data on a beta OS that you knew from the start that it had an expiry date !
  8. No not really, I just did not want to install games and loose savegames, data like that.
  9. for the love of god, partition... or better yet, another HDD.
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