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Look I have been building computer from scratch for almost 6 years.
Those days we can put any kind of PSU in but lately the psu quality and consumption have gone sky high.

We should not rush and put every thing into the casing and then rant and complain about this not working and that not working
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  1. Again, what exactly is your point? Not every error that comes up is psu related. By far the biggest issue I have found for booting errors is the ram.

    This forum exists for people to help other people with their problems, something you have not done yet. If you don't want to read about other peoples problems and you don't want to help then stop coming here.
  2. Fortron, OCZ, Seasonic, TGI FLowers (I think sparkle too) are all quality PSUs. If you buy a quality unit with 30amps (give or take a few) on the 12v rail, you're fine. Virtually nobody needs more than 300 watts. Even with an SLI rig, you're not likely to pull 300watts from the socket (which means most systems won't even pull 200w from the PSU.

    There certainly other PSUs out there that are good quality (pc power and cooing, I think that's the name, is very highly regarded but pricey), but those are a good starting point.

    As always, i recommend going to Silent PC Review and reading their article on PSUs as well as their excellent reviews.
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