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I don’t know about everyone but I always tend to purchase my IT products from places such as Overclockers and Techheads. Which have been good.

However recently I have been experiencing problems with overclockers not delivering on time and even sometimes sending the wrong item. Your fine if you want to purchase something but if you want to return an item it’s a different story, I even had a member of support hangup on me when I said I needed to return an item that was delivered by mistake.

For a start I dont understand why I was continuously put through to technical as I mentioned I only needed to exchange it.

This thread isn’t intended to put e-commerce sites like Overclockers down but rather ascertain the which suppliers other people recommend?

I recently came across a website called which I found very useful, they don’t stock every product out there but do supply quality up to date products. They even provide free user guides to help people with memory, graphic card problems etc. They also do PC repair where they pickup your PC runs testing and fix it for you if required. Very handy..

What computer suppliers do you recommend that I can use and maybe help other people to?
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  1. You really need to say what country your in because you're always limited from where you buy depnding one where you are. Given a UK suffix, I would guess somewhere in the UK.
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