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USB drive for security and pleasure? questions about bitlock

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August 8, 2006 10:59:15 PM

I want to purchase the OCZ 2GB flash drive. I will be upgrading to vista when it comes out and I will be using the bitlocker function included. I would like to use my OCZ flash drive for security purposes along with helping to move data around. Below is part of some Q/A from microsofts website, can you tell me if this drive (which is just a basic usb flash) is capable? THANKS! (p.s. i am especially curious about this machine readable business that the last answer states)

Q. Does BitLocker support multifactor authentication?

BitLocker supports both preboot personal identification number (PIN) and USB startup key as part of the BitLocker multifactor authentication model. A user can enhance the security level of the TPM by either selecting to enter a preboot PIN as part of the boot authentication process or provide a USB device that has a startup key stored on it (which was created when the feature was activated).

The BitLocker engineering team is investigating ways to add support for numerous multifactor authentication scenarios and will continue to develop and innovate in response to customer needs.
Q. What is the most secure way to configure BitLocker?

The most secure way to configure BitLocker is to use a TPM 1.2 with a Trusted Computing Group-compliant BIOS implementation plus a startup key. A startup key provides an additional factor of authentication by requiring either an additional physical key (a USB flash drive with a machine-readable key written to it) or a PIN entry that was set by the user. Strong user logon and password protocols are also a requirement.

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August 9, 2006 1:28:46 PM

It looks similar to RSA's (or EMC now), USB Securecode authentication method. I don't whoever know the what the requirements will be set to for USB size and factor. If it will be come universal, then I'm glad I kept all those 128mb flash keys.