not enough usb headers on motherboard

Im addding an internal card reader to my computer and dont have any extra usb headers on my motherboard(have two and both are in use). I was wandering if anybody makes a product that gives you more motherboard style usb headers without buying a pci card.
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  1. Short answer is no.
    Long answer is to get an external USB hub, consolidate your USB devices on that to free up one of your current USB ports, and unplug it from your motherboard header, thus providing a free header.
  2. Why not just buy the PCI card. They're cheap, have internal headers, external connectors and are as fast as MB headers.
  3. He may not have any free PCI slots....
  4. thanks for the help ill just buy a pci card. I just figured a hub type thing would be easier to work with maybe somebody should make one.
  5. FYI, it was hard for me to find the correct card I needed to add my card reader to my system. The first two I purchased online said they had two internal usb headers on the pci card, and they didn't. Just verify with newegg by looking at the photos, for some reason or another the descriptions were inaccurate at the time.
  6. Well I have found the item you are looking for I have been after one myself, my case is a collmaster cm stacker 810 with 6 front usb ports so these my 3 usb header on my motherboard gone, so there for the multi card reader also needed 1 usb header, oh dear, motherboard has 3 which are used by the 6 front usb ports.
    Now cut a long story short I found what every one has been looking for.
  7. As forum won't let me edit my post heres a better url for it

  8. I've come up with a solution if you're willing to give up a couple of usb ports on the rear of the computer
    It's relatively simple and works really well
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