New PSU?

(I somehow deleted my post here...and doing another :oops: )

Anyway, I am making the jump to PCI-E from AGP
I am buying a new mobo and vid card
My PC specs will be:
BFG Geforce 7900 gt
DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D (s939)mobo
AMD Athlon 64 3000+(soon to o/c or replace with 3800 X2)
1 gb PC3200 ram(2X512 mb sticks)
2X120gb Western Digital HD's

Anyway, the PSU I have came with the Case, I believe.Its a 450 Watt PSU,btw.

As far as the sticker says, it is made by ISO?
Model # is: ISO-500

I have no idea about pins/rails....whatever else.......

So, Will this fit in my new system well? I know this should be enough watts...if it isin't let me know. But, I'm more concerned on if this is the right "type" of psu to fit the mobo. This did come from an agp system, afterall. Is there any way to find the rails and other stuff about the psu?(how many..what type-whatever I need to know...).
I just do not want to burn out my whole system, after spending 500$ CAD for parts, if you know what I mean.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Also, if I need a new psu, what would be a good psu? And how many watts?
    I was looking at Thermaltake Toughpower psu's, particularly at the 600 W version....but I know there are better options out there. Which are better than this?
  2. how about u tell us what case u got?
  3. I made a mistake in my original post...I bought a new PSU(which is the 450Watt one), and not the original one that came with the case.
    I see if I can find the reciept later tonight to see if it lists the brand, etc.

    But are there any programs I can dwld to save me the time on finding the reciept?
  4. My PSU is from 2003 if you need to know...right before pci-e came out.
  5. Bump. It would work for sure? I want other people's opinions...and some way of finding out vrails,pins/ I hear if you don't have the right amount/type, then pc goes kaboom.

    Im sure that my case is an aopen h600b case. It looks very SLIGHTLY different(maybe they did a couple of changes?) But I'm sure this is the case, as the name rings a bell.
  6. Its not listed like that, the one, there are 2 rails...right?
    I'll just post a pic of the side.
    I can't find the company is ISO.
    I am thinking that I have just a normal ATX power supply(noname)...seeing that there is no company name besides ISO on the side of the psu.

    If I decide to buy a new one, which one would be good(and cheap) for my system? I will spend roughly 100$ CAD...
  7. Quote:
    Well the Hiper i have i love. it has the most stable voltage readings i've seen and it's modular. Problem is that it's $100 US.

    seriously. u pay 25 dollars for that stupid plastic tub the hiper comes in. an Antec NeoHE 500w. will pwn the Hiper any day.
  8. Quote:
    Hey i like that tub. makes a good little tool box for when i'm make service calls. :D
    And i've only seen great reviews on it.

    thats all nice and dandy but the NeoHE or Truepower series from Antec are better quality and performing PSU's
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