HELP nvidia GeForce fx 5200 pci version PROBLEM

HELP i just bought a nvidia geforce fx 5200 that is the pci version and i just put it in the pci slot of my dell and i have a few problems i need to know if i have to plug in the pins on the card BUT i dont even think i can cause the only pins i found on the graphics card only had 2 pins on it and the thing i am soposed to plug it in with has four pins my other problem is that my comp cant read the graphics card and i slid it in right and i tightnd up the screws and is preety snug BUT im not shur if i am soposed to plug in the monitor in the nvidia geforce or the inagrated graphics card it came with the intel extream to download the software it came with I THINK IM SOPOSED TO DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS THE GEFORCE SOFTWARE CAME WITH IN THE INTEL WITCH IS THE INAGRATED GRAPHICS CARD BECAUSE THE ONLY WAY THE MONITOR WORKS IS WHEN IT IS PLUGED IN THE INTEL AND DOSENT WORK WHEN I PLUG THE MONITOR IN THE GEFORCE so cane someone tell me what to do
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  1. Your monitor plugs into the back of your graphics card. You may have to change your display settings to PCI in you bios, and install the drivers that came with your new card.
  2. i would take your whole pc outside to the woodshed...and put it out its misery
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